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Olympic National Park with Kids

Visiting any National Park with children can be a daunting experience. Olympic Park is no exception. With rain forests, lakes, streams, mountains and beaches you are sure to be overwhelmed with choices.

However, this guide to visiting Olympic National Park with Kids can help narrow down your choices to create the perfect itinerary. 

It is amazing how diverse the park is. On one side of the park, there are stretches of unspoilt beach.  On the western side, there are temperate rainforests making them one of the wettest areas in the United States. 

Then right in the centre of the park are the Olympic Mountains that are topped with massive ancient glaciers.  Kids and adults are sure to be amazed by every inch of the park and can find a lot to squeeze into their Olympic National Park itinerary.

Olympic National Park for Kids

Olympic National Park with kids is the ultimate trip for families looking to take a break from mundane things and do something slightly different.

This national park has something for all ages, including babies, toddlers and kids.

From joining a junior ranger program to beginner and family-friendly hiking trails, beaches, campsites and tons of scenic vistas, visiting Olympic National Park is an excellent way to escape the norm and do something exciting.

Not to mention, the park offers a diverse range of wildlife, natural habitats, and educational activities that make it a great place to learn and explore!

Olympic National Park with Toddlers

What toddler can resist Olympic National Park beaches? At Rialto beach, there are tons of driftwood and rock formations.  Toddlers and older kids will love to climb all over them.  There is also lots of room for kids to run around and play.

Second Beach is worth a visit too.  The hike from the car park to the beach is around half a mile. To get to the beach visitors need to climb over driftwood and rocks. 

So if travelling with a toddler a carrier would be a great choice. However, past the driftwood, there is a beautiful sandy beach.  

olympic national park with toddlers
Olympic National Park With Kids

One of the best things about the beach is the tide pools. Kids can find starfish, muscles, crabs and small fish. 

Visitors should also keep their eyes peeled for the white and green anemone too.  They open up in the water and then close slightly when they surface.

Olympic National Park Kids

The Olympic National Park rainforest is sure to be a big hit. There are four to choose from in the park, but Hoh Rain Forest is the most popular. 

There are plenty of trails to choose from including family-friendly ones even if you are travelling with a stroller.  It is surely one of the best Olympic National Park hikes.

The rainforest is naturally home to many different types of trees. Guided Ranger Tours can be set up for those wanting to know more about the rainforest.

There are plenty of animals there too. In fact, many visitors spot elk, river otters and even black bears along the way.

We found fresh bear poop and prints very close to us, it was berry season but I always think its important to be safe, bring bear spray and wear ankle bells!

Things to do in Olympic National Park with Kids

1. Join A Junior Ranger Program

Olympic National Park has plenty to do for kids of all ages. In fact, there are dedicated activities just for them. The Junior Ranger Program is designed for kids ages 5-13 years old.  However, kids of all ages can join in the fun.

Simply pick up a booklet at the visitors centre.  Kids complete a range of activities at the park and if they succeed then they are rewarded with a Junior Ranger badge. 

olympic national park for kids
Olympic National Park With Kids

For fours and up there is an Olympic National Park Ocean Stewards Junior Ranger program. Kids become Ocean Stewards and learn about the unique ecosystem at Olympic National Park and how to protect it.  After completing the book, kids are given an Ocean Steward Patch.

2. Scenic Vistas From The Hurrican Ridge

One of the most popular places to visit is Olympic National Park Hurricane Ridge. The drive to the summit is around forty-five minutes long. However, the views from up there are breathtaking and definitely worth the drive.  

Olympic National Park with Baby
Olympic National Park With Kids

At the top, there is also the Olympic National Park visitor’s centre where you can learn about the area and some of the animals.

In fact, marmots can be spotted in the grass just outside the visitor centre too.  Some of the best Olympic National Park hikes can be found in the area as well.  Many are suitable for families with small kids, strollers and wheelchairs.  

3. Olympic National Park Hot Springs

Don’t write the Olympic National Park Hot Springs off just because you are travelling with a baby.

Olympic National Park seattle
Olympic National Park With Kids

Take A Dip In Sol Duc Hot Springs At Olympic National Park

The Sol Duc Hot Springs come highly recommended in many guide books and most visitors try to stop by as part of their Olympic National Park itinerary.

By offering a unique chance to relax in naturally heated mineral pools, surrounded by the lush beauty of the Olympic National Park. This experience is something that will pique the kids’ interest.

With pools ranging from 3 feet to 8 feet deep, and temperatures reaching as high as 104 F, it is the perfect spot for a peaceful and rejuvenating soak.

There are three warm mineral baths and one freshwater pool to choose from.

The shallow wading pool is perfect for children and those who want to acclimate to the mineral bath temperature gradually. While the larger pool with the fountain provides a relaxing atmosphere with the sound of trickling water.

Finally, the medium-sized soaking pool is ideal for adults who want to relax and soak in mineral-rich water.

hot springs attractions for kids
Olympic National Park With Kids

Pools are busiest in the early evening and on the weekends, so if you come after 7 PM, you will likely experience fewer crowds, and you can take advantage of the reduced fee. However, if that’s not possible, mornings are less busy, and you can still enjoy the pools at a discounted rate.

We suggest avoiding late afternoon visits. Families staying at Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort with little ones also tend to go swimming in the pool as part of their pre-dinner activities, making this time of day a little busier than early mornings and mid-day.

Between 4 PM and 7 PM each day, the warm mineral pools close for an hour, alternately to give the pool staff time to clean and maintain Sol Duc Hot Springs.

Routine cleaning will ensure that the water remains safe and clean for the next group of visitors. It also allows them to make sure that the pool equipment is working correctly.

There is a small fee to pay to enter, but kids under three enter for free. 

Visiting these mineral pools is great fun, but beware that they have a strong smell of sulphur. 

4. Olympic National Park Hikes For Kids

Hiking is a great way for families to bond and explore nature together. Olympic National Park provides many great trails, breathtaking views, and plenty of opportunities for exploration.

Here is a list of the top hiking trails when visiting Olympic National Park with kids.

Marymere Falls Trail

There are many Olympic national park trails, but one of the most popular hikes is Marymere Falls. The hike is around a three and a half-mile round trip, but there are plenty of things to keep little people entertained along the way.

The trail is mostly on flat ground which means that those travelling with a stroller can use it easily.  However, there are some stairs to climb to the waterfall. 

Along the way expect to see some woods and there is also a creek for kids to search for tadpoles.  As it is popular you can expect crowds in the high season.

I always find the All Trails walking app to be the best for finding hikes that are suitable to your energy levels, distance and those that are easy for children.

We did a tonne of different hikes, we just used carriers mostly as it allowed us to explore deeper without needing to stay on paths.

Best for: Waterfalls and families with strollers

Hall Of Mosses Nature Trail With Kids

Hall of Mosses nature trail is a 0.8 mile (1.3 kilometers) loop hike that takes families through the Hoh Rain Forest with an elevation gain of fewer than 100 feet.

With plenty of interpretive signs peppered throughout the trail, it feels like an educational stroll that is very popular among kids and adults who enjoy learning a little while hiking.

In general, the width of the nature trail ranges from three to six feet. While the first 400 feet have a slight incline of 5%, most of the course is characterized by a large number of ups and downs, with the steepest gradient of 24%.

Best for: Educational strolls in lush rainforests, Elks and banana slugs.

Spruce Nature Trail

For those seeking a more leisurely stroll, the Spruce Nature Trail is perfect, as it is a short distance of just 1.2 miles (1.9 kilometers) with a minimal elevation gain of only 230 ft.

Moreover, the stunning scenery along the way makes for an unforgettable experience, as parts of the trail follow Taft Creek and the Hoh River.

During your walk, the nurse logs lying around are sure to spark kids’ curiosity, fallen logs that provide a base for new trees to grow.

best family hikes in olympic national park
Olympic National Park With Kids

With similar characteristics as the Hall of Mosses Trail, the first 400 feet of compacted gravel trail have a gradient of less than 5%, while the remainder is rugged.

This structure allows hikers of all levels to enjoy the beauty of the forest and to get a taste of the excitement of the more rugged portions of the trail.

A bench at the start of the course also provides a great place to rest, catch a breath and appreciate the scenery.

Best for: watching nurse logs, and views of Taft Creek and Hoh River

Hoh River Mouth Trail

If you want to avoid the crowds then choosing one of the less well-known trails is a great idea. Hoh River Mouth Trail is less than a two-mile (3.2 kilometers) round trip.

The trail is flat and short which makes it good for families with toddlers. The first part of the trail is through the Hoh rainforest. 

Best Family Hikes in Olympic National Park
Olympic National Park With Kids

Families encounter beautiful trees and then the trail leads to where the river meets the sea.  The backdrop is stunning and it is sure to impress kids of all ages.

Best for: Rainforest trees and Hoh river

Embrace The Views At Hurricane Hill Trail With Kids

As mentioned earlier in our post, Hurricane Ridge is the perfect place to get some altitude and have an opportunity to experience the alpine environment when visiting Olympic National Park with kids.

While the popular family hike with a round-trip distance of 3 miles (4.8 kilometers) might sound strenuous, it is not. Instead, the gentle slopes and occasional switchbacks make this an easy and scenic family hike for all ages.

olympic national park hike
Olympic National Park With Kids

Stunning views of the mountains and oceans, including the Cascades and Vancouver Island, can be seen from the trail on a clear day. Flora and fauna along this route make this hiking trail all the more spectacular.

Depending on the weather, which hikers can confirm at the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center, be sure to bring along a map to stay on track and a windbreaker as it occasionally tends to get windy.

The popularity of this area makes it advantageous for families and fellow hikers to arrive early in the day in order to avoid crowds and secure parking spaces.

Best for: High country views

Lover’s Lane Loop At Olympic National Park

This six mile (9.6 kilometers) Lover’s Lane Loop trail abounds with natural beauty, from moss-covered logs to vibrant ferns and the roar of Sol Duc Falls in the distance.

The mist from the falls is often illuminated by the sun, creating a stunning rainbow visible in the air.

Visiting these falls during the right season, hikers may even catch a glimpse of the cutthroat and steelhead salmon that swim in the river.

olympic national park family hikes
Olympic National Park With Kids

Visitors must stick to the Sol Duc Campground Loop B road to access this trailhead. While it hides in plain sight, it nestles itself right past the campground’s bathrooms with parking options for half a dozen vehicles.

Winter snowfall is a regular occurrence in this area, and it can sometimes cause the road leading to the resort to become a significant obstacle.

Therefore, checking the road conditions online before traveling to the resort is essential to ensure the road is open and safe.

Best for: Vibrant ferns and Sol Duc Waterfalls

Sol Duc Trail At Olympic National Park With Kids

The Lover’s Loop Trail and the Sol Duc Trail lead to Sol Duc Falls.

Sol Duc Trail is a popular option and the top choice for families, especially when visiting Olympic National Park with kids and toddlers.

best parks for kids in seattle
Olympic National Park With Kids

Accessing this trailhead is relatively easy and requires visitors to drive down the Sol Duc River Road to begin the hike of 0.8 miles (1.2 kilometers).

Best for: Easy access and Sol Duc Waterfalls

Hole In The Wall Trail

Unlike other hikes on our list, the “Hole In The Wall” hike is, in fact, a three mile (4.8 kilometers) rugged walk among incredible tide pools housing starfish, driftwood and other marine life.

1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers) north of Rialto Beach sits the sea-carved arch, which is accessible only when the tide is out.

best parks in seattle for kids
Olympic National Park With Kids

Knowing the tide times can provide extra safety when visiting the “Hole In The Wall” with kids.

A tidal crossing during high tide can leave visitors stranded and unable to return to their destination. Therefore, checking the tide table before beginning the trek is crucial.

Best for: Viewing the natural arc rock formation, tide pools, driftwood and Rialto Beach

Shi Shi Beach Walk To Point Of Arches

This 8-mile round-trip hike from Shi Shi Beach to the point of Arches is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque beaches in the Pacific Northwest.

Hikers usually begin the journey in the groves of Sitka spruce, hiking through the forest along muddy trails for approximately two miles.

Getting to the beach requires a steep descent, but it’s well worth it. Continuing 2.5 miles, there is a mile-long stretch of sea arches called Point of Arches.

best family hikes in olympic national park
Olympic National Park With Kids

Point of Arches is a popular destination for beachcombing and exploring tide pools and is home to a variety of wildlife, such as sea otters and crabs.

Also, a gorgeous spot for photography and sunsets, as the towering sea arches create a dramatic backdrop.

It’s an unforgettable experience, making it a popular destination for hikers and nature lovers.

Best for: Beach walks, sunsets, tidepools and Point of Arches.

Another critical thing to note is to pay heed to the tide table. Be sure to carry one and double-check the tide timings before proceeding.

Tide tables are available at any of Olympic National Park’s visitor centers and are mandatory.

For those driving, visitors need to have a Makah Recreation Pass for parking at the trailhead. It is necessary to have one pass per vehicle.

Washburn General Store, Makah Tribal Center, Hobuck Beach Resort, and Makah Marina are a few places to purchase one.

For more information on the Makah Recreation Pass.

5. Take A Self-Guided Driving Audio Tour

The self-guided driving audio tour is a great way to explore the area’s natural beauty while hearing about its rich history.

Visitors can cruise along the shores of the coastal beaches and take in views of the mountain vistas as the story unfolds, giving a unique perspective on Olympic National Park.

olympic national park family vacation
Olympic National Park With Kids

Taking this self-guided tour is a great way to get the most out of your tour experience as a family. Allowing everyone in the car to listen to the tour together and enjoy the same experience.

Furthermore, the tour is valid for a lifetime, which means it will never expire once you buy it.

Book your self-guided driving audio tour

Water Activities At Olympic National Park With Kids

Stunning lakes, deep blue rivers, and the Pacific Ocean are all within a few miles of one another in Olympic National Park. This means plenty of opportunities to enjoy kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and plenty more with family.

6. Kayaking At Olympic National Park With Kids

Olympic National Park offers plenty of opportunities to kayak at four prime locations around the park.

Lake Crescent in the North – A crystal clear glacial lake ideal for day kayaking and great for families.

Lake Ozette, which is the third largest lake in Washington- A challenging but rewarding experience, and Lake Cushman and Lake Quinault to the south for a surreal experience of kayaking in the Olympic peninsula.

things to do with kids near seattle
Olympic National Park With Kids

While several kayaks and paddleboards may be available at the lakes’ lodges, visitors can bring their kayaks and paddleboards to experience the park from a different perspective.

7. Guided Fishing And Hiking Tour At Bogachiel River

Families can enjoy a guided hike to the Bogachiel River in Olympic National Park for a half day fishing tour. This fishing tour will provide visitors with unique insights into fishing, which is sure to be an exciting experience.

kids stuff in seattle
Olympic National Park With Kids

The knowledgeable guides will then provide individuals with all the necessary gear and educate them on techniques to catch steelheads.

In the right conditions and with the right bait and tackle, each participant will catch some of the best fish they have ever caught during this mini adventure.

Book a Guided Hike And Half Day Fishing Tour here.

Winter Activities At Olympic National Park With Kids

Olympic National Park is one of only two national parks in the country with a ski lift, making it a unique attraction. The second is Rocky Mountain in Yosemite National Park, which shut down its ski lift in 1991.

Besides its fantastic ski slopes and ski lifts, Olympic National Park offers a variety of snow activities, such as ski programs for kids, snowshoeing, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing, at Hurricane Ridge Ski and Snowboard Area for people of all ages.

fun things to do with kids in seattle
Olympic National Park With Kids

These activities usually take place on Saturday, Sunday and Monday during the winter season (Mid December to March) from 10 AM to 4 PM, including certain holidays.

8. Ridge Tubing At Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park

Ridge Tubing allows visitors to enjoy a scenic and exciting ride with friends and family. It also offers a great way to experience the beauty of the mountain while keeping active.

Plus, with passes valid for 30 days, visitors can come back multiple times and enjoy the ride without having to purchase a new pass every time.

6. Free Ski Lessons For Fourth Graders At Hurricane Ridge

Parents with fourth graders, make your way to Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park. These slots are in limited numbers and require a code while booking sessions for the kids.

For updated information and code details, please refer to their Facebook page.

The Ski and Snowboard School also offers multi-week programs for people of all ages, which are a lot of fun and worth checking out! In addition to getting the same instructor every time, learners can ski or ride with the same group of friends each time.

9. Family-Friendly Guided Snowshoe Tour In Olympic National Park

The Guided Snowshoe Tour at Hurricane Ridge takes place every Saturday in the beautiful Olympic National Park during the winter season from January to March.

Offering stunning views of the Olympic Mountains and pristine forests, participants will be able to take in the sights and sounds of the winter wonderland while learning how to snowshoe correctly and navigate the terrain.

olympic park for kids
Olympic National Park With Kids

All visitors will receive snowshoes, trekking poles, and round-trip transportation from the Port Angeles pier as part of the tour package. Picnic lunches are also available for purchase on-site.

Book your family-friendly guided Snowshoe Tour experience here.

10. Places To Stay At Olympic National Park With Kids

Olympic National Park Campsites

There are plenty of campsites to choose from in Olympic National park. Out of them all, Sol Duc Hot Springs remains a favourite with families.

The campsite is not only near the hot springs but also near a restaurant too.  Like all of the other Olympic National Park campgrounds expect a fire pit and picnic tables.

What makes this campsite stand out is that it is just one of two sites that offer hookups in the park. 

RVs are also welcome to stay here and reservations are welcome along with walk-ins.  

To find out more information about places to stay in Olympic national Park click here.

Olympic National Park Hotels for Families

If camping is not your cup of tea, then a hotel near the park might be just what you are looking for. Red Lion Hotel Port Angeles Harbour is just a fifteen-minute drive from the park and in Port Angeles town centre.

activities for kids in olympia wa
Olympic National Park With Kids

The hotel offers comfortable rooms in a great location.  There is also an on-site restaurant, swimming pool and lounge area.  The rooms all have Wi-Fi and some even have fantastic views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Click here to book or to find out more about Red Lion Hotel Port Angeles.

Olympic National Park Lodges for Families

Olympic Lodge by Ayres is located at the base of the Olympic Mountains, just off Highway 101, and 1.8 miles (3 kilometers) from Port Angeles and 2.2 miles (3.5 kilometers) from Olympic National Park.

Not only is it right beside the National Park, but there is a range of activities for families to do as well.

Guests of this lodge style hotel can enjoy the convenience of a microwave and refrigerator in each room, as well as the entertainment of cable TV and complimentary Wi-Fi access. An outdoor pool is also available for guests to enjoy.

olympic games for kids to play outside
Olympic National Park With Kids

The fitness room offers guests a chance to stay in shape, and the whirlpool and business center provide spaces for both leisure and work activities. Additionally, the inviting lobby with a fireplace creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for all visitors.

Guests can also eat at the restaurant on-site or prepare packed lunches, which is excellent if you plan on hiking in the national park.

Check out more information about Olympic Lodge by Ayres here.

Olympic National Park Family Friendly Hotels

Olympic View Inn, Sequim

A little further away in Sequim is the Olympic View Inn. The area has plenty of sights to offer including a lake in Sequim Bay Street Park and there are also plenty of trails in the area for hikes too.

Around the hotel, there are great family restaurants with plenty of choice for the whole family.  

olympic national park kids
Olympic National Park With Kids

There are several different rooms to choose from and two are pet friendly. Therefore you can bring the family dog with you as well.  It has Wi-Fi and the rooms are comfortable for families.  

Click here to see more information about Olympic View Inn.

Hoh Valley Cabin, Forks

The Hoh Valley Cabins offer a great outdoor living experience with their cedar deck, barbecue and garden, perfect for enjoying a meal in fair weather.

These cabins also come with free private parking, making it easy and convenient for guests to access the site.

Guests at Hoh Valley Cabins can take advantage of the amenities and facilities to make their stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

seattle kids things to do
Olympic National Park With Kids

The kitchenette provides the convenience of cooking meals at home, while the cedar deck offers a great spot to relax and take in the area’s natural beauty.

A 10 km drive will take you to the Olympic National Park, while a 32 km drive will take you to Ruby Beach.

Its prime location makes this property an ideal holiday destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts who want to explore the Olympic Peninsula’s rugged coastline and spectacular rainforest while also having access to a range of activities right at their doorstep.

For more information and bookings at the Hoh Valley Cabins.

Olympic National Park Family Cabins

Olympic National Park cabin rentals are extremely popular with families and it is easy to understand why.

They allow families to distance themselves from others and they also have everything they need. Crescent Beach and RV Park is just a stone’s throw away from the National Park in Port Angeles.  

national park information for kids
Olympic National Park With Kids

The cabins come with sea views and are fully equipped for all of your family needs. They are also spacious and in a beautiful peaceful area.  Some cabins come with a firepit outside and there is a private beach for all guests to enjoy. 

To book or find out more information about Crescent Beach and RV Park click here.

Family-friendly Towns to stay Near Olympic National Park With Kids

Around Olympic National Park there are many family-friendly towns to stay in. When we stayed in the area, we choose to stay in a Union. We stayed in an adorable cottage there and you can read more about it here.  

Union was a great base to explore Olympic National Park and the town had everything we needed. One of the most interesting things about it is Hood Canal. It is a saltwater fjord and it is the only one in the lower forty-eight states. It is also where you can expect to see a seal or even a killer whale pop up every once in a while, which is sure to keep the whole family entertained.

Olympic National Park Washington – How To Get There

Olympic National Park is in the state of Washington. However, there are many entry points to the park. Choosing the best one depends on where you are coming from.

US 101 circles the peninsula, and many people choose to drive there in their own vehicle or rent a car.  

Port Angeles is around seventeen miles north of the park.  Arriving from the north leads directly to Hurricane Ridge and the Visitor Centre. 

Families coming from Port Angeles can also take the Lake Crescent entrance.  This leads to the Hoh Rain Forest area which is near Hot Springs.  

Olympic National Park entrances are also on the northern coast. This is where the beaches are found and the Quileute Indian Reservation, which is an area not part of the park.

If you are coming from the south then you may decide to enter the park near Lake Quilete.  All of the entrances are off US 101 and the Olympic National Park entrance fee is around $30.

However, if you can also use America the Beautiful Pass to enter the park. In fact, the annual pass allows you to visit over 2000 sites around the US. It is relatively inexpensive and a great investment if you plan on visiting a few federal sites throughout the year.

For more information about America the Beautiful Pass click here.

When is Olympic National Park Open?

The park is open all year round.  However, there are some months that are more popular than others. Many people visit Olympic National Park between June and September.

All of the entrances are open all year, weather permitting. Hurricane Ridge entrance only closes on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

The best time to visit the park is in the late spring and summer. This is due to the amount of rainfall that the rainforests experience.

olympic park kids
Olympic National Park With Kids

In summer all of the trails should be open and most of the snow has melted. The weather in the park is mild as well around that time of year. 

Visiting the park in Autumn and Winter also has its perks. It is less busy so there should be very little crowds. It is beautiful in autumn when the leaves are changing colours and the rivers and waterfalls are full due to the rainfall.

Olympic National Park in winter is the perfect place to ski as well. Hurricane ridge has miles of slopes from the summit to the sea.

Olympic National Park Facts For Kids

Kids are always interested in where they are going and they are full of questions.

If you are armed with some interesting facts about the park this might keep the kids entertained on the journey there or on one of the many kid-friendly hikes Olympic National Park has to offer.  

  • Hoh Rainforest gets over 365cm of rain every year.
  • There are more than 250 glaciers on the mountains.
  • Banana slugs are vital to the park’s ecosystem.
  • For thousands of years Native Americans have lived in the area and there are still many tribes living there today.
  • Between April and May and October and November breaching whales migrate and they can sometimes be spotted from the beaches.

Another way to keep them entertained is with a book of their own. Who pooped in the park? Olympic National Park: Scat and Track for Kids. is a fantastic book for kids between 5 and 10. It can educate kids about Olympic National Park animals while keeping them entertained throughout their entire trip.

Olympic National Park – What to Pack

While visiting any National Park there are a few essentials that families should always pack. Here is a list of some things you should add to your list.

  • A raincoat. Especially if you are planning on visiting the rain forest. While there is more rain in winter, the area still has downpours throughout the rest of the year.
  • Kids and adults will need waterproof shoes too. It would be best to choose shoes that are good for hiking and climbing as well to save parents from having to change shoes.
  • Olympic National Park has many diverse animals and creatures. An explorer kit would allow kids to get a closer look at what is in the tidepools and in and around the rainforest paths.
  • If you are planning on any long hikes, then a hydration system might be worth it. It is a light and easy way to carry around water to refill reusable water bottles.
  • The Rainforest and the surrounding area have plenty of bugs and mosquitos. Keeping a bug spray with you would be useful to protect little people’s delicate skin.
  • Last but not least, if you are planning on visiting one of the sandy beaches, then bring along some beach toys to keep the kids entertained for longer.

Frequently Asked Questions Olympic National Park With Kids

Is the Olympic National Park a good place for kids to go?

Olympic National Park has something for families to discover and enjoy, from family-friendly hiking trails through lush, old growth forests to kayaking across pristine lakes.

This land is vast and diverse, and it houses a variety of landscapes, from mountains to rainforests, beaches and even a variety of wildlife, like elk and deer, as well as hundreds of species of birds.

Which is the best way to reach Olympic National Park without a car from Seattle?

Taking public transportation to the ferry terminal is also possible, and walk-on tickets are for sale at the station. 

Seattle to Olympic Peninsula is accessible by two main ferries, the Bainbridge Island ferry, operated by the Washingtons State Department of Transportation and the Kingston Fast Ferry, operated by Kitsap Transit.

How do the mountains in Olympic National Park affect the climate of Seattle?

A large rain shadow and significant precipitation throughout the year are created when maritime air masses from the Pacific Ocean pass over the Olympic Mountains.

What should I do to avoid long lines at Hurricane Ridge and the Hoh Rain Forest?

Make sure you plan your visit to the most popular parts of the park for early morning or later in the day.

Several times a week, there can be long lines (occasionally up to two hours) at Hurricane Ridge and in the Hoh Rain Forest in the summer, particularly on weekends.

During the summer solstice, you will have daylight from 5 AM to nearly 10 PM, giving you ample time to enjoy the park. Although the park is still busy during May and September, these months are ideal for visiting.

Additionally, you can check the park’s website to see if they have any special events or offers that can help you reduce wait times. It’s also a good idea to look up the park’s peak visiting hours so you can plan accordingly.

Could you please help me find the best place in Olympic National Park to propose to my partner?

The Hurricane Ridge overlook has some of the best views in the area and is a great spot to witness the sunrise or sunset, while the Hoh River Trail has a peaceful and serene atmosphere, perfect for a romantic proposal. Lake Crescent is also a great spot as it has a cozy and romantic atmosphere; you can even rent a boat and propose on the lake.

In your opinion, what is the best time of year to make a trip to the Olympic National Park?

There are a ton of activities to partake in at Olympic National Park all year round, and it entirely depends on what you’re looking for.

While most people tend to visit the region during the summer, there are a number of unique things to observe, regardless of the time of year, including the winter season.

Are there any places in the area where I can see elk?

It is not uncommon to see Roosevelt elk wandering through the Hoh rain forest at all times of the year.

Although it can be challenging to spot them in the dense forest, many can be seen in meadows and along park roads, especially near dawn or dusk.

fun things to do for kids in seattle
Olympic National Park With Kids

Be sure to keep at least 100 feet away from all wildlife. When defending their calves and during the breeding season, in September and early October, elk can be particularly aggressive as a result of protecting their young.

To Sum Up Olympic National Park With Kids

Olympic National Park offers plenty of ways for kids to explore and have fun. For example, kids can learn about the different plants and animals that inhabit the park.

They can also search for hidden treasures on the beach or take a guided tour of the rainforest. There are also plenty of opportunities to get out and be active, like kayaking in the lake, biking along the trails or attending a ski lesson at Hurricane Ridge.

olympic park kids activities
Olympic National Park With Kids

Olympic National Park is an incredible playground for kids of all ages. With its lush rainforest, rugged coastline, and alpine meadows, there is something for everyone here.

From stunning hikes to tide pooling, exploring the park with kids is an experience that the little ones will cherish for a lifetime.

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