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Do you have any flying tips for a baby / toddler?

Refer to my posts on flying with a baby and flying with a toddler.

What vaccinations does my baby need?

Refer to my article on travel health.

What is the best place to travel with a baby?

Such a broad question, however our favourite place is Bali!

I get asked this question all the time so if you would like more advice, feel free to email me, but please be more specific. Where do you live now? How far are you willing to travel? Are you looking for warm or cold climate ? As much detail as possible!

What items do I need to travel with a baby?

Refer to my article on the ten travel items I can’t live without.

Do you bring a car seat with you when you are travelling?

Yes, we bring it when we are renting a car or if we will be travelling in countries where we will be using car transport regularly. I did not bring it to Cambodia, for example, because we mainly travelled around on a tuk tuk with Esmé in a carrier.

Which buggy do you use?

We use the Mountain Buggy Nano for travelling.

Which carrier do you use?

We used the Ergo Baby Original initially and now we use the i-Angel Carrier.

How did you afford to travel?

Please refer to my article regarding financing a baby gap year.

How do I manage a family member / partner that thinks it’s ridiculous to travel with a baby?

Please refer to my article on twelve reasons to travel on maternity leave. So many reasons!