Traveling During The Coronavirus Epidemic

Although I am a registered nurse, this article is not intended as medical advice. Please speak to your Doctor if you have concerns or need specific travel health advice. Coronavirus has been making headlines in every country over the last few weeks. Scenes of commuters being scanned for fever walking through train stations and disinfecting [...]

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Travel First Aid Kit

As a nurse, I love making up my travel first aid kit. We have travelled to some far-flung remote destinations with our kids, so having the best first aid kit for travel abroad offers peace of mind! We’ve rarely needed to use it, but, I wouldn’t take the chance of not having one. The most [...]

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Dealing with Jet Lag in Babies, Toddlers and Kids

When you travel to far flung destinations you have to deal with the dreaded jet lag. While this can be annoying for adults, it gets a little more complicated with baby travel. We are frequently asked how to avoid jet lag in infants, baby, toddlers and kids. It's most travelling parents worse nightmare, so we've [...]

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Throughout my entire adult life, I have loved travelling. I was always nervous of having children, would I still be able to travel? Could I afford it? I have found a number of thrifty ways to make travel more affordable, from Flybuys Travel, to choosing the right credit card, in order to maximise on rewards, [...]

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Travelling with Kids

If you follow our blog or Instagram it can sometimes seem like we are living a glamorous life filled with fancy family trips. While our lifestyle of travelling with kids is amazing, we only show some of the challenges that come along with it. Like everyone else we have our ups and downs with parenting [...]

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With my husband being from New Zealand and me being from Ireland, it’s inevitable we need to fly a lot with our two kids. We've been to six continents with our children, visiting 40+ countries. I am a travel enthusiasts at heart and couldn't imagine giving up exploring once we became a family! Needless to [...]

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Car seats have to be one of parents clumsiest over sized nightmares. I get asked the question daily, should I take my car seat on holiday? They are heavy, arm breaking pieces of baby paraphernalia that leave us parents in a state of guilt for not wanting to bring them with us. Not to mention I’ve [...]

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Guest post from The Stork and I about travelling as a solo parent - Over the past 10 years I’ve been a massive travel enthusiast. Ever since I got the opportunity to live in Mumbai for a year, I’ve had the travel bug, always hunting out the next adventure, looking for the next amazing place [...]

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