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About Travel Mad Mum

Welcome to ‘Travel Mad Mum’. I am Karen, mum to Esmé  and Quinn, wife to Travel Mad Dad Shaun, nurse, family travel blogger. Jack of all traders, master of none!

I have used my maternity leave both times to take a family gap year. In the UK, most new mothers take a year of maternity leave so my husband and I made full use of the time.  

For the first 9 months, I got declining pay and the last three months was no pay. I decided I didn’t want to sit at home for that time and we used it differently. 

It was the perfect bonding time with our kids, getting to know them early on without the pressures of a regular household. We backpacked around Asia when Esme was a baby. Whilst on maternity leave with Quinn we used the time to drive the pan American highway from Canada to Argentina. I know that sounds completely crazy. 

Whilst on these many expeditions with our kids, I decided to document all of our experiences so we could share our top tips with like-minded travel loving parents. You will find lots of tips on the website from newborn to young child, from flying to road trips and everything else in between. 

My favourite thing to do is develop destination guides for the places we visit to make your trip easier. We list kid-friendly hotels and accommodation as well as restaurants and activities. 

A litte more about me on a personal note, I am from Ireland originally and I am a nurse as well. I still work two days a week in the hospital despite having a full on family travel blog that takes up all of my time. 

My husband is a New Zealander and he’s also a builder by background. He is great at photos and videos and his work is very much the face of our blog when it comes to Instagram and You Tube. I tend to do all the liaising, travel planning and writing. 

Do let us know 

Karen, Shaun Esme and Quinn x x x x x