I Angel Baby Carrier and Hipseat Review

I-Angel Baby Carrier Review

As a keen baby-wearing mum, comfort and support is everything for both baby and I. Something you may not know is I have a congenital hip defect which has led to multiple operations since the age of 12. Therefore weight distribution and support is extremely important to me. I had felt like maybe the baby-wearing days were over as I have experienced a lot of pain after carrying 12.5kg Esmé around throughout the day. I have definitely started using the buggy more often, until recently Dinky Dragon kindly sent us an i angel baby carrier and hip seat to review so I thought we would give it a try.

As a minimalist that likes to shove everything in my bag, I was initially turned off by the size of the hip seat. However I was really surprised by how much better I was feeling after a day of wearing Esmé. I feel it is most likely the wide waste strap and hip seat that distributed the weight better for us.

i-Angel baby carrier and hip seat

I always like to keep reviews simple so let me break it down for you into what we loved about the i angel baby carrier and what could be improved:

What we loved about the i angel baby carrier and hip seat

  • I think Esmé enjoys the actual seat. It gives more structure and less pressure around her upper thighs from the straps. She actually sat still when I took her to the theatre for a whole hour facing outwards on the hip seat. She must have been comfortable!
  • The wide waste strap seems to distribute the weight better for us, allowing me to carry a growing toddler for longer.
  • All of the straps are extremely cushioned, it is obviously a high quality product.
  • We love the fact it can be used in six positions!
  • Dad particularly loved the denim starlight i-angel as it’s not too girlie for him.
  • The side pocket  is handy for mobile phones or wallets.
  • It has detachable organic teething pads!

hipseat baby carrier review

What could be improved about the i angel hipseat and carrier?

  • The hip seat is a little bulky, as mentioned previously, therefore a little more difficult to put into a handbag. However I feel this is a small price to pay when considering the comfort.
  • 5 of the 6 positions are extremely comfortable. However front carry with baby out facing pulled forward a little too much for me. It may just need straps adjusting to correct that.  It could also be the fact Esmé has really long legs as you can see in the picture below!

i-Angel carrier hipseat

Otherwise we had no issues with it.  I certainly recommend it to anyone that is happy to forfeit the size of it for comfort and support.

The Denim Starlit

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