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A Canada road trip Itinerary – Calgary to Vancouver

Canada has been high up on our agenda for just as long as I can remember. Having spent the last three weeks in this incredible country, I don’t know why we haven’t made it a priority sooner. Glass mirror lakes, lush forest, rolling blue mountains, intriguing wildlife and adventure activity galore, it was the best place to take the kids. As we have friends in Alberta, we made it our starting point and mapped out our epic Calgary to Vancouver road trip. I mean who doesn’t want to drive through Canada?

Driving straight though would take around ten hours but we had three weeks to meander through the Rockies. We started off by renting our car. Being a broker, it gets the best prices for the all-important budget.

We took our car seats with us since we are going to be renting cars throughout the year and also took out annual excess insurance. Its worth noting there is usually a fee for one way car rentals. So if you pick it up in one location and drop it off in another, there is an additional charge. Find out how much it will cost to rent a car here.

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The car seat question is something that comes up time and time again. My answer is, if I am renting a vehicle, or if we are in a country where we will be travelling in cars a lot, we bring our own. I know it can be really annoying lugging them around, they are seriously the least transportable piece of kiddy equipment. One incentive is it saves money!

Check out this article if you want to read more about whether you should bring your car seat.

I am so excited to share our route with you and if you are planning to visit, I hope it gives you some trip inspiration. Here is our Calgary to Vancouver road trip itinerary.

Calgary to Vancouver Road Trip

Three days in Calgary

Canada - Calgary to Vancouver Road Trip

After picking up our rental car from Calgary Airport we made our way to stay with friends in the neighbourhood of Mahogany, south of the city. We spent the first couple of days adjusting to the new time zone and checking out low key places nearby.  If you are looking to take some nice family photos check out the best spots to take photos in Calgary.

The Saskatoon Farm was a real hit with our little girl. It’s so picturesque with views over a valley, giant sunflowers throughout and an old school saloon-style restaurant. We didn’t spend too much time in the city since the main reason we were visiting Canada was for the nature!

One day in Canmore

When deciding to do this Calgary to Vancouver road trip, we decided to try to keep all our drives short and sweet since we were travelling with two young kids. As such, our next stop was Canmore, a 70 minute drive from Calgary, it was the perfect distance for our first stint.

Canada Calgary to Vancouver road trip

Canmore is a beautiful little town, it reminded me of the ski villages in Austria! There are plenty of things to do in Canmore. There is a boardwalk that runs around the outskirts through the forest. It’s a really easy walk with kids.

If you are looking to stay overnight rather then heading on, there are plenty of options for Canmore hotels to suit any budget and travel style.

We also did a hike in nearby Kananaskis. It was a super easy trail to a waterfall that was around a 3 km round trip. This was our first hike in Canada and sure enough we came across bears! Our Canadian friends were shocked since it doesn’t happen that often. When we saw them we just backed up and changed direction.

One thing I learnt from our encounter is that it’s worth learning some bear safety tips if you plan to do hikes. We also love the All Trails app, it explains so much about nearby trails, difficulty and suitability for kids. It also is used as a platform to report bear sightings. Check out this post for some of the best hikes near Canmore.

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Two days in Sunshine Village

Our next stop was Sunshine Village in Banff National Park. Downtown Banff is quite popular, however we found it too over touristy so we were happy to escape the crowds once we had a look around. We stayed at the Sunshine Mountain Lodge. The property is at the top of a mountain and is also on the edge of some incredible hikes. We had free parking at the foot of the mountain and we were transported up in a gondola.

Check out prices and availability for Sunshine Mountain Lodge here.

Canada Calgary to Vancouver road trip

We used chairlifts to get to the trails. It’s quite off the beaten track. There were some pretty lakes and so many beautiful wild flowers. The trails were easy so our three year old could manage most of it.

Two days in Johnston Canyon

Canada Calgary to Vancouver Road Trip

Next up was Johnston Canyon, only a thirty minute drive further west. It was in the ideal location to see some of the other more popular sites in Banff National Park. We stayed in cute cabins on the edge of the Canyon. We did the trail to the lower falls late in the evening when most of the tourists had finished. That was the beauty of staying so close. 

The waterfalls are very pretty but the trail is also quite busy. Using JC as a base allowed us to see all of Banff’s big attractions either early in the morning or late in the evening when the crowds were gone.

Moraine Lake

Canada Calgary to Vancouver road trip

Moraine Lake has to be one of the most picturesque places on planet earth. The only issue is, you have to be up at the crack of dawn to see it. In the summer time, come 8am, the 10 km road to Moraine Lake from the Trans-Canadian highway is closed. Tourists have to park in overflow carparks miles away and come back in on a shuttle that costs around CAD 30. 

The best thing is to arrive just before sunset so parking is readily available. Its’ also a really nice time to see the lake change in the different light. Wrap up well because it’s a little cold first thing in the morning and bring some take-away breakfast to pass the time before its light.

Moraine Lake is most beautiful when the sun is out but its pretty magical watching it light up in the morning, it has the best mirror reflection I have ever seen. The water is so clear you can almost see yourself when you look in the water. There is an elevated view on top of a rock pile like in the picture above.

Lake Louise

Canada road trip Vancouver to calgary

Lake Louise is another tourist hotspot, however it simply can’t be missed. The aqua green colour of the water with the snow capped mountains in the background is so beautiful. Around the edge of the lake is crazy busy with tourists taking photos. Although it’s expensive for a kayak, its well worth taking it out, not only for the best photos you will get in all of Canada, but its also incredibly peaceful. 

Similarly to Moraine Lake, it’s worth arriving early during peak summer to get a space and avoid having to take a shuttle from overflow car parks. After the kayak, there is a nice walk along the Beehive circuit trail. It has quite a bit of incline but the elevated view of the lake is very pretty. There is also a teahouse at the top to chill out before coming back down.


Three days in Revelstoke

Revelstoke is a 2 hour 40 minute journey from Lake Louise. We found three hours was our maximum car time before the kids found it too much. Revelstoke is fast becoming an adventure hub, especially with the Mountain Coaster Pipeline which we loved.

Canada Road Trip

The National Park at the top of Mount Revelstoke has an amazing 25 km winding road called the Meadow in the Sky Parkway. It’s a picturesque drive with views of all the nearby mountain ranges. We also visited the towns aquatic centre and the awesome Enchanted Forest just outside of town, both were a big hit with our three year old.

Two days in Kelowna

Canada road trip

Kelowna was slightly off track to the South. However we heard so many great things about it, we felt it was worth the detour. What amazed me about Canada was, every stop is completely different. We only explored a small proportion of the East Coast, yet the experience along the road was so diverse. 

Kelowna is a city that is famous for its vineyards, the Okanagan Lake and some of its nearby hikes. I really didn’t know Canadians made wine and its good! The heart of the community is at the lake.

It seems like all the locals have boats, fish and spend their spare time socialising on the beaches and lakeside parkland. We only allowed two days for Kelowna, but in hindsight, we should have allowed more like three or four.

Two days in Kamloops

The drive from Kelowna took around two hours. Kamloops is another destination that has quite a few wineries to check out. Although it’s not the most family friendly activity in the world, we found if we did a quick tasting they were very good at helping to keep the kids entertained by giving them apple juice tastings and colouring in.

The Wildlife Park is also a good place to visit in Kamloops and there are plenty of walking trails in the area. They are family friendly and not too strenuous with kids.

Two days in Whistler

Family road trip Canada

We spent two days in Whistler and although it was slightly north of Vancouver it was not too much of a detour. We loved the village especially as there are no vehicles in the centre and it is pedestrian only.

There are lots of big car parks all around the outskirts. We did things like the peak to peak gondola, visited Squamish Lil Wat Centre and also took a peddle boat out on the lake. 

We also went on a photo safari tour and learnt so much about bear behaviour which has been really helpful in spotting when they may be nearby.

Two days on Vancouver Island

Family Road Trip Canada

Foolishly we only spent one night on Vancouver Island. That was a huge mistake because the island is massive and we had completely underestimated that! The best port to go from is Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo.

The ferry is quite reasonable with a car if booked in advance. They are very strict and close check-in 30 minutes before. Even if the ferry hasn’t left, its still not possible to get on, even if you are only 10 second late, as we learnt. 

Despite the ferry check-in dramas, the journey is really beautiful. It’s quite common to spot whales and dolphins along the way. We stayed at Canada’s number one spa resort as voted by Spas of America the last two years running.

Tigh-Na-Mara is a beautiful little place with log cabins and some apartments with an ocean view. They have a nice beach and several activities for kids. It’s not every day you can go to a top spa resort that is family friendly. It’s in an ideal location for getting to nearby sites like the Englishman Waterfall which is a short drive away.

Be sure to read more about Tigh-Na-Mara here.

Two days in Vancouver

Canada Calgary to Vancouver Road Trip

By the time we got to Vancouver we were completely exhausted after our epic road trip through the Rockies and across to Vancouver Island. There are plenty of places to stay and Vancouver has some of the best staycations. However, we decided to book into a really nice hotel  (You can read the full review of the Westin here) and do nothing other that relax. There was a drop off point for our car rental just a couple of kilometres away. 

I hope you have found our itinerary for your Calgary to Vancouver road trip useful. If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you. Leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

As always, don’t forget to buy travel insurance! We like World Nomads.

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Canada Road Trip 

If you are considering renting a car to do this epic road trip, I would be so appreciative if you could use my affiliate link here. It doesn’t cost you any extra and gives us a few pennies for the travel piggy bank.

Disclaimer: We partnered with multiple tourism boards and companies throughout the trip to promote Canada as a destination to families. As always, all views expressed our entirely our own.


Friday 18th of January 2019

Thanks so much for sharing this itinerary! We follow your adventure on Instagram and this summer we are having our first little. We desperately want to get out of the house and travel when she is 3 months old.


Tuesday 1st of January 2019

Hi, thanks for this great article. We are planning to do a Calgary>Vancouver road trip this summer in an RV with out 2 year old. How did you manage with your child seats? We are looking at hiring a similar size RV to yours but can't work out where the child seats go exactly


Friday 14th of September 2018

What a wonderful and really helpful blog Karen. Thank you. My partner and I are hoping to do a very similar trip next June and looking for suggestions, tips and ideas to ensure we maximise the experience. We are coming from Australia. Anyway, thank you and happy travels to you and your family wherever you travel to next!! Lynne

Jessica Spiteri

Saturday 4th of August 2018

Hi could I ask where you stayed in Kamloops we are doing the drive from Calgary to Vancouver in a couple of weeks and still can’t fully decide where to stay for our one night. Thank you. Like you we are travelling with kids ages 2 and 4


Monday 23rd of July 2018

Hi, A great article. We are planning a trip next May/June and wondered if you have a list of places that you had stayed on this trip just for information for us. We have never been to Canada before but have been to the USA on flydrive a few times and we have been advised that places to stay are a little more limited..


Thursday 2nd of August 2018

Hi Steve, I am from Calgary and have a few ideas for you if you are planning for the next May/June. Depending on how many days you are planning to visit Canada/Alberta/British Colombia, you can start from Calgary (visit the downtown "The Core" shopping mall and 17th Ave. for restaurants and bars", then drive to Canmore from Calgary (1hr drive), I would suggest to stay for at least one night, walk in the city, go for a helicopter ride (last time I checked it was 125$ per person for 20 minutes), take photos with "Three Sister Mountains", rent a bicycle and ride in the city or towards BANFF. Next, you can drive to BANFF (25 minutes after Canmore), see the BANFF castle/hotel, Hot Springs, Walk in the city, and stay there for one more night. Next you can drive towards Lake Louise/Moran Lakes from BANFF which is about an hour. Enjoy the view of glacier, rent a boat, hike around the lake and enjoy the beautiful scenic views of mount Victoria. I would not spend a night here because it will cost you a lot but you can drive an hour and stay at Golden. The next stop could be either Revelstoke or Salmon arm. Salmon arm is a larger town with more lakes, scenic views, and you can also rent another boat here and relax. You can spend another night or so here. Next destination could be Kamloops or Kelowna. Kelowna is much more beautiful town with lots of facilities compared with Kamloops and it is worth travelling to. You will have about 4 hours left to Vancover. Do not forget the Stanley Park, Suspended Bridge, and Vancouver downtown, You can take your car from Vancouver to Nanaimo in Vancover island on the pacific ocean. This trip would take 90 minutes and it would cost you about 150$ but it is worth taking. I suggest when you get to Nanaimo to drive directly to Victoria. It is one of the most beautiful unique cities of Canada. Don't forget to walk in the harbor, go for kayaking, visit the Botanic garden, and Becon Hill park.

I always stay at Best Western Hotels as they are a very good trade off for the money that you pay and the quality of service. Most of them would have free breakfast too. The average double queen bed room price in the summer would be around 200$. If you want to rent a cheap car rent it in advance from the Calgary airport from "BUDGET" or "ENTERPRISE". On top of what I said just do a google on all the cities and towns and you should be able to find other resources for leisure.

If you had enough time you can drive all the way from town of BANFF to town of JASPER on highway 93. That is a real unique site in the world. There is a glass suspended bridge, Colombia Ice Field (you can literally walk on it and there is a bus to take you there), visit the Ibraham lake and see the real beauty of Canadian Rockies. Spent at least two nights in Jasper and book it a few months in advance.

Take care and let me know if you had any more questions about Canada. ALi

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