Family travel health

Being a nurse, with a diabetic husband and egg allergic baby I take family travel health seriously. There is nothing worse than your trip being wasted on feeling unwell! Diarrhoea and vomiting is only one issue you need to ensure to protect yourself against. Especially when you consider tropical countries where you can contract malaria, [...]

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You can be whatever you want to be

This is by no means a 'feel sorry for me' post. But instead I want to inspire people who may be in a similar position. When I was younger, I did terribly at school. My grades were always low due to poor writing and with that, my interest diminished and I had no motivation whatsoever.  [...]

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Flying with a toddler

Who am I kidding by saying that flying with a toddler is a piece of cake? Not you - I am sure. Usually the aim of the game is how quiet you can keep the little Duracell bunny. Rule number one, don't try to be too smart!Me: A long haul night time flight will be [...]

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Backpacking with a baby

If I want to talk about backpacking with a baby, it's probably worth starting with my definition of backpacking. As I am sure you will know, there are extreme examples, from the hikers and trampers in the wilderness, to the party goers in Thailand's notorious Koh Phangan. For us, backpacking is about a prolonged period away on [...]

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Confessions of a baby wearing mum

I have travelled around the world with Esmé quite literally strapped to me or 'baby wearing' as it is more commonly known. So I have obviously learned some things along the way...I hope they make you laugh. Confessions of a baby wearing mum: We have been stuck together like two pleural membranes you can't pull apart [...]

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Financing a Baby Gap Year

I have had so many people ask how we could afford our baby gap year (travelling for my maternity leave), so here we go: A little background... I work as a nurse and Shaun is a landscaper, both with full time jobs in London. Nothing out of the ordinary in terms of earnings! However, pre-baby, [...]

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