Flying with a toddler

Who am I kidding by saying that flying with a toddler is a piece of cake? Not you - I am sure. Usually the aim of the game is how quiet you can keep the little Duracell bunny. Rule number one, don't try to be too smart!Me: A long haul night time flight will be [...]

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Backpacking with a baby

If I want to talk about backpacking with a baby, it's probably worth starting with my definition of backpacking. As I am sure you will know, there are extreme examples, from the hikers and trampers in the wilderness, to the party goers in Thailand's notorious Koh Phangan. For us, backpacking is about a prolonged period away on [...]

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Confessions of a baby wearing mum

I have travelled around the world with Esmé quite literally strapped to me or 'baby wearing' as it is more commonly known. So I have obviously learned some things along the way...I hope they make you laugh. Confessions of a baby wearing mum: We have been stuck together like two pleural membranes you can't pull apart [...]

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Financing a Baby Gap Year

I have had so many people ask how we could afford our baby gap year (travelling for my maternity leave), so here we go: A little background... I work as a nurse and Shaun is a landscaper, both with full time jobs in London. Nothing out of the ordinary in terms of earnings! However, pre-baby, [...]

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Backpacking Baby!

This day next week we leave New Zealand to embark on a seven week backpacking trip through SE Asia with our ten-month old girl. We are going to have a backpacking baby! Needless to say, many people think we are a wee bit nuts to do so much travelling with a baby. Whilst our friends [...]

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Flying with a baby

So you've taken the leap and decided to take your baby on a trip. If you are reading this I guess you are wondering what you need to know about flying with a baby. Fear not, flying with a baby is something we have done many times so here are our best tips: Flying with a [...]

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Camping with a baby

I would be telling a lie if I said I willingly went camping with a baby only 17 weeks old! It took a fair bit of convincing. Originating from Ireland, where the climate is generally colder, I am not a particularly seasoned camper! My partner and his family camp regularly. In fact it seems the [...]

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