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Seven things to consider for your babymoon trip

The term ‘babymoon’ is something that is relatively new in the U.K. Similar to baby showers they have only started becoming more popular on this side of the Atlantic in the last few years. It seems expectant parents are following the trend being set by celebrities by going on a babymoon.

It is not a term I had heard of when I went on our last holiday together pre-baby but it makes total sense. Being a travel fanatic I am all about any excuse for a trip. I mean let’s be honest, when is the next time you will get to go on a trip where you won’t have to get up at an unforgivable hour or even relax and enjoy an evening candle lit dinner? It’s likely to be in around 20 years when the kids are packed off to university.


In our situation, we were having a surprise baby and had a trip booked to Ibiza which happened to be around the seven and a half month mark. When I first found out, I thought, “yeahhh we will be fine we are so still going”. Needless to say it was a very different holiday than what was planned. As time went by I began having doubts. I needed to go to the doctor to get a fit to fly certificate which is most airlines policy at that stage of pregnancy. It wasn’t until I saw the doctor I felt much better about going. She suggested it would be a really good break for me before baby’s arrival. Having heard that, I immediately felt at ease and excited about the prospect of feeling weightless in the sea for a week!

Three months pregnant in NZ

I can totally sympathise with the anxieties related to taking a flight late into a pregnancy. It’s the fear of the unknown but it is perfectly fine.. However the relaxation and quality time you will get with your partner is what you will remember when you are sitting up in the middle of the night exhausted and feeding your new baby a couple of months later. Planning for a baby with getting a nursery ready, attending NCT classes and most likely working is exhausting. It’s nice to step back from it all and unwind.

Having travelled several times throughout my pregnancy, I have come up with some top tips to make your babymoon special without any hitches.

  1. Choose a relaxed and quiet environment for your babymoon accommodation

    If you choose to stay in a hotel, check out the spa facilities. Couple massages are an ideal activity for a babymoon. Not all spas will be trained to carry out massage on a pregnant women so it’s worth doing your research first.

  2. Be near the water

    I spent all of my days either in the sea or in the swimming pool. At that stage of my pregnancy it was absolutely amazing to feel weightless.


7 months in Ibiza
  • Keep travel time to a minimum

    Keeping it short and sweet for comfort reasons seems sensible.

  • Keep hydrated

    This goes for on your journey as well as when you have reached your destination. Especially if you are in a warm environment.

  • Discuss the babymoon trip with your GP

    If you are flying later on in the pregnancy you may need a fit to fly cert. This will usually be requested at check-in if you have a visible baby bump.  It is also good to discuss any restrictions such as Zika with your doctor which is a concern in South America at present.


  • Make sure to take out medical insurance

    Pregnant mothers should not be discriminated against when it comes to medical insurance. Therefore you should not need a special pregnancy policy.

  • Finally unwind and take plenty of naps

    For obvious reasons –soon you will wonder what a nap is!

  • I would to love to hear about your experience of babymooning. Do you have any top tips that are not listed above? Make sure to leave a comment.



    Sunday 22nd of January 2017

    Hi! Your blog is inspiring!! Thank you for sharing your experimentations! I have a question about traveling while being pregnant. Do you have a suggestions for a exotic destination (beach and forest) who's Zika free? I wanted to travel outside of Europe but there's not a lot of choices. Thanks a lot!


    Sunday 22nd of January 2017

    Hi there I am pregnant now and just returned from Bermuda which we really loved. Alternatively what about Sri Lanka? I would love to go there and they have beaches ...


    Wednesday 19th of October 2016

    Great post. However, you may want to be aware about issues with health insurance. Firstly, many insurance plans specifically exclude anyone with "high risk" pregnancy, which for many companies includes ANY (even very basic) fertility treatment, twins, etc. Secondly, even IF travel insurance covers pregnancy, they will typically cover YOUR health costs but not baby costs. So, if you're unlucky to go into preterm labor in a foreign country insurance typically will NOT cover astronomical costs of preterm baby ICU/hospital care - they consider your baby a separate, uninsured person. Add to that fact that preterm baby cannot fly back until several months old and you've got yourself a lifetime of memories and a "million dollar" baby. I had to fly to U.K. For conference at 27 wks hence my research. I called multiple insurance companies, NONE would cover costs of preterm baby care (you have to ask specifically, it's not in standard policy). In the end I only went because U.K. has emergency care agreement with NZ where I'm from. What a novel. Hope that helps


    Thursday 20th of October 2016

    Hi Nadya,

    Thanks for your comments. My understanding of the British system is they can not discriminate against pregnant women for any policy. I can understand this may be different in other countries. In fact I specifically remember this as an issue with my husband who is a kiwi had many issues with insurance due to his type 1 diabetes. Anyway all very valid points for people from outside the UK.