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I regularly get asked how we go about booking trips. As adventurers, we tend to book flights and hotels separately rather than as part of a package. Building a holiday for ourselves gives us more flexibility and I also feel it’s more cost effective. I always use the same search engines for booking our trip. Let me tell you about each of them and how they work best. You can also book a trip from this page using the widgets provided.

Book a trip

book a trip

Booking accommodation

I have always used for our accommodation whether its for a luxury hotel or a home stay, it has endless options.  What I really like about this site is you can build up ‘genius ‘ status when you use it regularly. This will give you discounts and perks that other users do not get. When searching for accommodation in my chosen destination, I only search within my budget. I also check out reviews of other families and only stay in places with a rating of 8 and above out of 10. You can search using this widget

Booking flights

We have always used Skyscanner to book our flights. I have tried other search engines but always default back. Unless I am completely tied to specific dates, I always search the entire month for the most reasonably priced flights. I also select direct flights only. Although they are more expensive in some instances, I need the easier and quickest route with a young family



Car rentals

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