This Calcot Manor review is a community post, guest written by Jane Sharp. The Cotswolds aren't necessarily the first place which spring to mind when thinking about a holiday or weekend away when you have kids. The quintessential English villages, long walks and cozy pubs don’t tend to be the most child friendly option. However, [...]

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Heading away for a weekend break for the first time with a new baby takes some careful consideration. It had to be comfortable, family friendly, with perhaps something new and different for us to see. The Manor Country House Hotel was the perfect answer for our autumn weekend break. Located in the countryside, just fifteen minutes from [...]

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A day trip to Stafford with Virgin Trains

When I think of a day trip from London, places like Brighton and Kent spring to mind. However it gets boring to go back to the same places time and time again, so, we did a little investigating. My requirements for a day trip is the train must not take longer than an hour and [...]

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A night at Novotel London Excel

We decided to ease ourselves back into the travel scene after the arrival of baby Quinn just three weeks ago. Given it was Travel Mad Dad's birthday, we wanted to do something special but easy on us sleep deprived parents. Spending a night in a family friendly hotel, not too far from home, seemed like [...]

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A two night stay at Crealy Meadows, Devon

On our recent trip to the south of England, we stayed in two different places. Starting off with a two night stay at Crealy Meadows, Devon, followed by a stop further south. I wanted to mix it up a little so Esme could have some nice time in a child-friendly place before going to a [...]

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A weekend in Salcombe, Devon

Devon is a part of home I have wanted to visit for a long time. However, we always seem to jet off to another country. I was so happy to be banned from flying for a while due to impending child number two! I've discovered so much of our back garden for a change. To [...]

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A day trip to Whitstable with kids

Being on maternity leave the last few weeks has given me the opportunity to have days out exploring with Esme. It's so nice to discover home ground for a change. We are the worst offenders when it comes to jetting off. Realistically there is so much on our doorstep to see! London is a great [...]

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Christmas in London with kids

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with London having been here on and off for the last thirteen years. I detest the colder months and generally crave warmer climates. The days are short with it getting dark at around 4pm. However despite all of my qualms with London, there is something so [...]

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Halloween in London with kids

In honesty, I haven't been that into Halloween since I left Ireland thirteen years ago. It's a celebration that is absolutely huge there, just as big as the U.S. and I never felt the same level of hype around it here in the U.K, but it seems to be changing or maybe that's just because I'm [...]

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