A day trip to Whitstable with kids

Being on maternity leave the last few weeks has given me the opportunity to have days out exploring with Esme. It's so nice to discover home ground for a change. We are the worst offenders when it comes to jetting off. Realistically there is so much on our doorstep to see! London is a great [...]

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Christmas in London with kids

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with London having been here on and off for the last thirteen years. I detest the colder months and generally crave warmer climates. The days are short with it getting dark at around 4pm. However despite all of my qualms with London, there is something so [...]

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Halloween in London with kids

In honesty, I haven't been that into Halloween since I left Ireland thirteen years ago. It's a celebration that is absolutely huge there, just as big as the U.S. and I never felt the same level of hype around it here in the U.K, but it seems to be changing or maybe that's just because I'm [...]

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A family weekend in Plymouth

Plymouth is a cute city on the coast of Devon, South of England. It is quite often called Britain's Ocean City which may give you some indication of what to expect. The multiple beautiful harbours dotted along the coast are busy hubs for local yachting enthusiasts and fishermen bringing in their catch of the day. Around [...]

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