Things To Do With Bored Kids At Home

The coronavirus has taken a hold of the world, more and more schools are shutting down for a number of weeks to try and contain things. I bet you're asking what the hell you are going to do with your kids for that long? Even as a homeschooling parent I am asking myself the same [...]

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Flyaway Kids Bed Review

As a family of frequent travellers, we are always keen to keep our little ones as comfortable and happy as possible on a long journey. Sleep is the number one thing that keeps us all in check but sometimes trying to bed kids down on a flight can be a nightmare. That was until an [...]

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Zanzibar With Kids

We took our two children to mainland Tanzania for 5 full days of adventure and thrill. We had such a great time but always knew we would be tired by the end. What better to do than finish the trip by relaxing in Zanzibar with kids, an island with coconut lined white sand beaches and [...]

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Tanzania Safari With Kids

We are big fans of adventure style travel, in particular, we absolutely love going on safari as a family. Over the last few years, we've been on several safari trips. From a self-drive in South Africa to a tailor-made trip to Kenya, we are so addicted! This time, we decided to do a Tanzania safari [...]

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The Best Baby Travel Toys

Travelling with a baby can be intimidating, whether you are setting out on a plane or a road trip adventure. One of the best ways to have a smooth trip is to be prepared with snacks and activities. When your baby is still an infant, flying is mainly about keeping them comfortable enough to sleep, [...]

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Traveling During The Coronavirus Epidemic

Although I am a registered nurse, this article is not intended as medical advice. Please speak to your Doctor if you have concerns or need specific travel health advice. Coronavirus has been making headlines in every country over the last few weeks. Scenes of commuters being scanned for fever walking through train stations and disinfecting [...]

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The 11 Best Family Travel Destinations For 2020

Any destination can be a family travel destination, but some are especially good for traveling with kids. We've been to so many countries with Esme and Quinn and we've gotten to experience adventure holidays, beach holidays, backpacking and much more. We enjoy a little of everything, but no matter what your preference is for a [...]

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The Best All Inclusive Resorts for Families

We love to explore new destinations and feel firmly that having kids shouldn't stop you from having exciting new experiences. However, sometimes you just need an unencumbered, lie by the pool kind of holiday. The easiest way to accomplish this kind of low stress family vacation, is to head to one of these amazing, all [...]

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Things To Do In The Cotswolds With Kids

I have lived in London for 16 years now and The Cotswolds was one of those places that was always high on my list of places to visit. Typically, I hadn't got around to it until recently, and, wow, there are so many things to do in The Cotswolds with kids! With stunning preserved medieval [...]

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