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The thoughts of travelling with little ones can be quite daunting for many parents. I know I feared being the ‘mum with the crying baby’ onboard a busy flight. To be honest, pre-baby, I always hoped I would not be sitting near any kids on a plane. I was often pleasantly surprised how quiet younger babies were while flying. On the other hand, it drove me crazy when some little rug-rat (polite term) was booting the back of my chair. I solemnly swear to all future fellow passengers I will not let my child do this to you!

I can’t say the ‘little rug-rat’ put me off travelling with a little one. By the time our little girl was four months old she had been to four countries, on a long road trip, camping,  an international ferry and two long-haul flights. I am not saying it is always easy but at the end of the day it all turns out okay!

So, whether you are planning a weekend road trip or a lengthy backpacking trip around Asia, I hope I can provide you with useful information: