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Backpacking around Italy with kids

We had been contemplating taking Esmé with us on our honeymoon for ages but we couldn't make our mind up. Travel Mad Dad was pretty keen for a child-free break whereas I had been working [...]

A weekend in Bruges with kids

Bruges is a quaint medieval city encapsulated with a full circle canal. Quite similar to Amsterdam in many ways, but with more charm and history in my opinion. On the large cobbled market square many [...]

Halloween in London with kids

In honesty, I haven't been that into Halloween since I left Ireland thirteen years ago. It's a celebration that is absolutely huge there, just as big as the U.S. and I never felt the same [...]

Ten reasons why our family love using GoPro Hero 5

Our love affair with GoPro started long before we had a baby. From snowboarding in the alps to swimming in the blue lagoon in Iceland, we used it for capturing everything 'action' on our adventures. [...]

Vinales, our favourite place in Cuba

Although I have already written a blog about our trip, I couldn't help but dedicate an article entirely to Vinales, our favourite place in Cuba. This beautiful town set in a valley with dramatic rock [...]

Aide de Camp – Nadine travel bag

 I am always trying to minimise packing in a bid to be as hands free as possible with a toddler. However this doesn't always work out. I consistently seem to be the one in the [...]

Learning to take photos like a professional

Photography is something I have always been passionate about. My mum is always telling me I should do a course. I know I have an eye for it but I don't feel so confident that [...]

Grand Hotel Portovenere review

When we decided to go to Cinque Terre we looked up the best hotels in the area given it was our honeymoon. Up popped Grand Hotel Portovenere on researching the net for a really nice [...]

Grand Hotel Minerva, Florence

Despite having a backpack and a toddler with us on our honeymoon, we felt we needed to inject a little bit of luxury into the experience. Just a stones throw from the central train station, [...]

Review of Paradu Eco Resort, Tuscany

Paradu Eco Resort, Tuscany is roughly an hour away from Pisa by car. Set by the sea and in the heart of Tuscan life, there are an abundance of activities both in the resort and [...]

Seven things to consider for your babymoon trip

The term ‘babymoon’ is something that is relatively new in the U.K. Similar to baby showers they have only started becoming more popular on this side of the Atlantic in the last few years. It [...]

Cuba as a family

Going to Cuba as a family has been on my bucket list for a while. I felt the pressure was on to get there before it changes forever. Presuming other avid travellers would feel similar, [...]

Paris with a toddler

Although we live in London, European city breaks with a toddler is a relatively unexplored territory for us. We always seem to go further afield. On our last visit to Paris (pre-baby), our activities consisted [...]

My review of Hotel Napoleon Paris

When you decide to go on a girls weekend with your sister and daughter, you gotta do it right! I had a few requirements when searching for a hotel which included a good central location. [...]

Twelve reasons to travel during maternity leave

There are a number of people that don't agree with my decision to travel during maternity leave. I have learnt this through the backlash I received in the media when our story went viral a few [...]

The Naturalmat role-up travel mattress

With Esmé ever-growing I just need to accept she can't fit into a pop-up travel cot anymore! Instead I need to find alternatives. As we all know travel can sometimes be uncomfortable. With our travel [...]

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

We started our trip in Port Elizabeth, South Africa which is on the Eastern Cape. We chose to go there for a few reasons. Firstly, a good friend who is also a local was there [...]