Travel essentials for families this summer

With summer fast approaching, we are all dreaming of our family holiday adventures. Whether it's a trip to the Mediterranean or further afield, as parents we want to make travelling with kids as easy and straight forward as possible. I am always coming across new products for kids, so I've compiled a list of travel [...]

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Five reasons why every kid needs a Plane Pal

As an avid traveller, I am always on the lookout for new innovative products that will make our lives easier when it comes to travelling with kids! I was therefore super excited to come across Plane Pal. I haven't seen many other products on the market that utilises the unused space in front of a child [...]

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Toddler hand luggage essentials

People regularly ask what we bring on a journey for our two year-old Esmé. The main aim of the game is to keep her entertained for the entire flight / train or car journey and prevent any public melt downs! The second goal is to ensure she is as comfortable as possible. Being a [...]

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Aide de Camp – Nadine travel bag

 I am always trying to minimise packing in a bid to be as hands free as possible with a toddler. However this doesn't always work out. I consistently seem to be the one in the queue, bag on floor, pulling it apart looking for the passport, the credit card or the dummy! It's always right [...]

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The Naturalmat role-up travel mattress

With Esmé ever-growing I just need to accept she can't fit into a pop-up travel cot anymore! Instead I need to find alternatives. As we all know travel can sometimes be uncomfortable. With our travel hectic lifestyle, I do worry about Esmé not having home comforts. I was therefore intrigued to learn about the Naturalmat [...]

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i-Angel carrier, hipseat and toddler backpack review

As a keen baby-wearing mum, comfort and support is everything for both Esmé and I. Something you will not know is I have a congenital hip defect which had led to multiple operations since the age of 12. Therefore weight distribution and support is extremely important to me.  I had felt like maybe the baby-wearing [...]

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Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle

A review of the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Now that we are back in the UK, we have been doing a little more local exploring, whether it's in Central London or in the forest in the South West of England. As I've previously mentioned I am a baby wearing enthusiast, however sometimes you just need [...]

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