The 11 Best Family Travel Destinations For 2020

Any destination can be a family travel destination, but some are especially good for traveling with kids. We've been to so many countries with Esme and Quinn and we've gotten to experience adventure holidays, beach holidays, backpacking and much more. We enjoy a little of everything, but no matter what your preference is for a [...]

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24 hours in San Marino

I can't bare to skirt around the outside of a country and not go into it. Even if it is as small as San Marino! Completely land locked by Italy, I never heard of it when I was younger. However, this tiny nation has been on my hit list for a while, since I have [...]

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Florence with kids

Florence, the mesmerising city filled with history, culture and outstanding architecture dating back to medieval times. It was the birthplace of the Italian renaissance and was one of the most important cities in Europe from the 14th to 16th century. I actually for once, managed to learn a little bit of history despite being in [...]

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Backpacking around Italy with Kids

We had been contemplating taking Esmé with us on our honeymoon for ages but we couldn't make our mind up. I mean, who wouldn't want to take their little one to Italy? Travel Mad Dad was pretty keen for a child-free break whereas I had been working a lot in the run up to our [...]

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Grand Hotel Portovenere review

When we decided to go to Cinque Terre we looked up the best hotels in the area given it was our honeymoon. Up popped Grand Hotel Portovenere on researching the net for a really nice place to stay with excellent reviews on all major sites. Portovenere is not actually part of Cinque Terre but is [...]

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Grand Hotel Minerva, Florence

Despite having a backpack and a toddler with us on our honeymoon, we felt we needed to inject a little bit of luxury into the experience. Just a stones throw from the central train station, is the fabulous four star Grand Hotel Minerva, Florence where we stayed. A historical building which had only recently opened up [...]

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Review of Paradu Eco Resort, Tuscany

Paradu Eco Resort, Tuscany is roughly an hour away from Pisa by car. Set by the sea and in the heart of Tuscan life, there are an abundance of activities both in the resort and in the surrounding area which can be done either by locals or first time visitors. The guests are predominantly young [...]

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