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Zanzibar With Kids

We took our two children to mainland Tanzania for 5 full days of adventure and thrill. We had such a great time but always knew we would be tired by the end. What better to do than finish the trip by relaxing in Zanzibar with kids, an island with coconut lined white sand beaches and [...]

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Tanzania Safari With Kids

We are big fans of adventure style travel, in particular, we absolutely love going on safari as a family. Over the last few years, we've been on several safari trips. From a self-drive in South Africa to a tailor-made trip to Kenya, we are so addicted! This time, we decided to do a Tanzania safari [...]

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The Best All Inclusive Resorts for Families

We love to explore new destinations and feel firmly that having kids shouldn't stop you from having exciting new experiences. However, sometimes you just need an unencumbered, lie by the pool kind of holiday. The easiest way to accomplish this kind of low stress family vacation, is to head to one of these amazing, all [...]

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The Best Things To Do In Brisbane With Kids

The “River City” is often described as a business city and tourists can be too quick to overlook Brisbane when planning their family trips around Australia. Give it a chance though and you’ll see that there are actually tons of fun family friendly activities, both in the city and close by. One of the great [...]

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Things to do in Northern Ireland with Kids

I feel somewhat nostalgic about Northern Ireland. When I first met Travel Mad Dad I was planning on going three weeks later, and he joined in on the fun regardless of the fact we'd only known each other such a short time. That trip really paved the way in our relationship to come, as we [...]

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Disneyland Paris Halloween Trip

I am a big fan of Halloween, it was such a big thing at home when we were kids. Since moving to the UK, it seems it's not something that is celebrated here so much (although you can check out the best things to do in London for Halloween here!) That's why I was super [...]

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The 17 Most Epic Christmas Market Trips You Can Take This Winter

With so many amazing Christmas markets, each with their own unique feel, it's nearly impossible to choose the best one. Each market has it's own identity with plenty of local treats, fun family activities and classics like mulled wine and nativity scenes to explore whether you go for a Christmas Market weekend break or even [...]

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Quarry Karts, Wales & Zipworld

I am a complete zipping fanatic, whenever we go on a trip, it’s something we always love to find and try out. From Singapore to Ecuador and everywhere in between, it’s one of our favourite activities.  Northern Wales is well known as the adventure capital of the UK and that’s thanks to the amazing Zipworld [...]

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The Best Things To Do In Cyprus With Kids

After our last holiday when we were backpacking and constantly on the move, we decided our next trip would be somewhere beach side. We wanted to put little to no effort into planning for the complications that come with travelling with a toddler. We started looking at all the things to do in Cyprus for families [...]

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Jordan with Kids

We have been wanting to visit Jordan with our kids for a while now. The Middle East is so different from other places we’ve been with its vibrant unique culture and tantalising local delicacies, it’s an experience like no other! From the red sandy desert of Wadi Rum, to the lowest point on earth, the [...]

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