The Best All Inclusive Resorts for Families

We love to explore new destinations and feel firmly that having kids shouldn't stop you from having exciting new experiences. However, sometimes you just need an unencumbered, lie by the pool kind of holiday. The easiest way to accomplish this kind of low stress family vacation, is to head to one of these amazing, all [...]

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Back in 2008, when I first visited Thailand, it was an off the beaten track destination. It was the ideal place for my first big backpacking adventure. From the oozing culture of Bangkok, to the paradise tropical islands, to some amazing yoga retreats, Thailand has a lot to offer. I have to admit, it wasn't [...]

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Community post by Jane ~ Koh Phangan is a 30 minute ferry hop from Koh Samui and I would certainly recommend you check it out. Famous for its full moon party, many families may give it a miss due to its hedonistic reputation. We visited for a week in December and found it really easy [...]

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Koh Samui with Kids

Koh Samui, Thailand's second largest island is a hugely popular destination and rightly so. Highly accessible, the beautiful beaches and Thai hospitality is what makes it so famous and easy to travel to Koh Samui with kids. It is more expensive to fly into Koh Samui than other islands hence the ferry is very popular. [...]

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