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As inherent backpackers, cruising with kids is not something I had considered as a way of travelling. Although the concept of moving from place to place, see as much as possible, is quite similar. Travelling full time with two young kids comes with its challenges.

The main concern is keeping our three year old happy and entertained. Baby is easier (at the moment) whilst he’s not too mobile. Having heard such great things from other travel loving parents about cruising with kids, I wanted to factor one in along the way for an ‘easy’ week.

We chose to cruise with MSC for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they are one of the only cruise liners that will allow babies under six months onboard. Equally they have an amazing reputation with young families. We spent eight days in the Caribbean, seeing Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel and Bahamas.

During those eight days we learn’t why so many people choose to cruise. We will always be backpackers at heart, but for us, the cruise was such a warm and welcomed break from intense ‘hard work’ travel. Here is why:

CRUISING WITH KIDS cruising with kids

One Place

cruising with kids

The ship is literally like a floating city, There is so much in one place. Everything from a 4D cinema and swimming pool to restaurants and games rooms. So whether we needed to go for a quick bite to eat, or take Esme to do something fun, there was no long journey involved!

It’s especially useful when trying to stick to a nap routine with little ones. They can have lots of fun and nip back to their room for a cat nap. 


cruising with kids

With a pantheon theatre, an open air performance stage, 4D cinema, piano bar and random pop-up musicians around the ship, it is no surprise there is some amazing entertainment. Our little girl loves theatrical performances and it was so nice to be able to bring her to see everything from Be Witched to The Show Must Go On without it costing an arm and a leg.

We ordinarily live in London. Show’s like that cost a small fortune, yet we could walk in and out freely on the ship every single night. She got so much out of it and would spend the remaining hours before bed time recapping on all of the key moments. 

Hubby got off the hook of kid duties a couple of evenings and spent some time checking out the casino and evening adult entertainment. Although MSC are particularly well known for young families, there were plenty of younger and older couples as well as singletons onboard having lots of fun in the evenings.

Our baby is a little young at the moment to be left with a babysitter but we made the most of our toddler free time to have dinner and watch the sunsets! That is because of the amazing kids club!

Kids Club

cruising with kids

I understand from other guests that some cruise liners charge extra for kids club. However on MSC, little ones go free. They have a full evening schedule of great activities for kids from three years old right up to teenagers. Our daughter absolutely loved the entire experience. She literally asked all day if she could go.

We are not the type of parents to bum our kids off to a club at any opportunity. But honestly, for an evening meal without choking ourselves to finish quickly, it was totally amazing. I had absolutely no guilty feelings because she enjoyed it so much. 

They had a nice air-conditioned play room but they didn’t always spend a lot of time there. There were always lots of other things planned around the ship. Everything from quiz evenings, dancing and movies to theatre. It was a great opportunity for our little one to socialize with other kids.

New Adventures

I find it quite amazing that nearly every day a new adventure awaits. We generally docked at a different country most days. There were only two days that we spent at sea. Keeping it easy, the cruise ship can organise excursions before disembarking.

However, its also very easy to pick up a private tour in most ports. We generally preferred to take a private tour because we liked having the flexibility of what time to leave and return. Something so important with two kids that can need a sleep at the drop of a hat.

ccruising with kids

Some days we didn’t go too far from the ship, in Grand Cayman we went to the beach and had a chill out day, whilst in Jamaica we went further afield. I always felt I wanted to explore more and the time wasn’t enough.

However, it was also a nice taster of places we may not otherwise get to visit due to high flight costs. Especially to places like Bahamas. As I said the ship is so big with a lot to do. Having a couple of days at sea ensures there is plenty of time to explore and try out everything.


cruising with kids

As a full time travelling family, we often worry about the amount of socializing our daughter gets with other kids. That was not a problem as there are so many other families on the ship.

Being in the one place for a set time together meant she had plenty of time to build friendships which was so nice for Esme and us! The staff are all obviously very family focused as every single one of them take the time to ask the kids questions, interact and play with them. 

I have often tried to persuade my parents to come and explore with us. However they are usually worried about visiting new countries. Obviously I did not inherit the travel bug. I noticed a number of multi-generational families travelling together.

It really is the ideal way to take a break with grandparents. There is something for all ages on the ship and for my parents they would not feel pushed to explore somewhere completely different, whilst we could still do so. Maybe next time we will take them with us!

Maintaining a Budget

cruising with kids

For most hard working families, it may be only one big trip a year after a long time collating savings. Although paying for a cruise may be one large sum, I firmly believe it helps to maintain a budget. Costs for entertainment, meal and accommodation are included. Although tours and excursions are extra. 


cruising with kids

I know some of my sustainability passionate friends feel money should be spent by visitors staying overnight and contributing to the local economy. However whilst I do agree with that to an extent, I also believe cruise ships are getting visitors to hard to reach destinations and they generally spend money on tours, lunch, local transport and souvenirs. T

hey are bringing a different type of tourist that might not ordinarily visit certain destinations. Whether its because of accessibility, health care or not wanting to stay in an unfamiliar place with young kids, there are both pros and cons to the situation. 


cruising with kids

After a week on MSC Divina, we felt so relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to take on another ‘hard work’ trip. Heading back into the depths of Central America where transport is not easy, it was really important to have a break for all of us.

Sometimes when we take a trip, even when its from home, we need a holiday after the holiday because it’s so busy. I can safely say cruising is one of the most relaxing sports. I have seen the slogan used for a kids travel brand – enjoy the journey, not just the destination and that definitely applies to cruising . 

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12 days cruising the eastern Caribbean

Disclaimer: Our stay on MSC Divina was hosted in return for content production. As always all views expressed our entirely out own. There are affiliate links in this post.


Tuesday 13th of March 2018

We went on a RCI cruise of the Caribbean last year, our first cruise. I wasn’t 100% sure if it was for me, such a huge ship, so many people, although the stops were great. Then we did a small P&O without kids and I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to our first MSC in April of Italy & Greece. It works out a much cheaper and easier way of seeing a little of Greece with 5 of us when we only have 2 weeks total. Thanks for the post it’s made me even more excited!


Tuesday 19th of December 2017

This is really useful, I am currently 7 months pregnant with number 2 and really want to make the most of maternity leave this time round. We weren't brave enough to go too far last time with trips in Europe but are longing to get on a long haul and experience some different cultures. The idea of a week cruise in the middle of a trip sounds like a great way to take some of the organising away mid trip. I will keep looking around your blog to get some more fab ideas :)


Wednesday 6th of December 2017

Lovely write up, such a shame there's so many adverts on your blog now though ? I get it though so you do it etc. Just a shame, makes it so hard to read and a gay cruise man keeps popping up every few seconds, or it crashes my screen. I hope you won't have to have quite so many. It's tricky to see what's not sponsored anymore and just 'travelling' I get it though, but mannnnn so many adverts on one page. ???


Thursday 7th of December 2017

Hey Alison, Thank you so much for your feedback. Its such a tricky situation. I spend hours creating content without any return on it. I am forever trying to get my readers to use my affiliate links with hotels, and such like. If they did it I wouldn't need to put ads on my website to help pay the bills. Sorry, I know its annoying and to be honest the pay for it is still crap but its something.


Monday 4th of December 2017

Hi, Nice information and You tips can helpful.