If you are looking for a beach holiday with fun excursions, boat trips and adventures, look no further than Cyprus with children. 

Cyprus for families is the perfect destination to live the beach bum lifestyle, with it’s numerous beachfront resorts and hotels that come equipped with activities, kid’s clubs, toys, amazing food and everything else you might need or want.

In our Cyprus with kids itinerary we explore the best places to stay and top things to do in Cyprus from Ayia Napa to Paphos, including not-to-miss, amazing natural scenery such as the blue hole and the sea caves. We also mention loads of fun family spots if you get tired of the entertainment at the hotel or want a change of pace.

Check out our Cyprus travel guide below and make sure to leave a comment if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions!

The Best All Inclusive Resorts for Families

We love to explore new destinations and feel firmly that having kids shouldn't stop you from having exciting new experiences. However, sometimes you just need an unencumbered, lie by the pool kind of holiday. The easiest way to accomplish this kind of low stress family vacation, is to head to one of these amazing, all [...]

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The Best Things To Do In Cyprus With Kids

After our last holiday when we were backpacking and constantly on the move, we decided our next trip would be somewhere beach side. We wanted to put little to no effort into planning for the complications that come with travelling with a toddler. We started looking at all the things to do in Cyprus for families [...]

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