Bermuda  is a fantastic destination for families. Here we provide guides on itineraries, hotel recommendations, family friendly restaurants, as well as activities.

Things to do in Bermuda with Kids

Bermuda with kids is an incredible destination where we spent 8 days exploring what's on offer to families. We discovered as many child-friendly activities as possible to write this detailed guide on what to do in Bermuda with kids. It's one of my all time favourite family vacations, I have such fond memories of this [...]

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Grotto Bay Beach Resort Bermuda Review

Honestly, Bermuda wasn't particularly on my list of 'places to go'. But being pregnant, Bermuda first came onto my radar when I was researching zika-free destinations. Luckily, it's one of the few places safe to travel for pregnant women. Obviously it is not great for the world to have a zika epidemic, however it is [...]

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Babymoon in Bermuda

Bermuda was the dreamy option we came up with in our search for a tropical destination for a zika free babymoon. As I wrote this article, I was twenty-one weeks pregnant and had recently returned from our babymoon in Bermuda. I am a keen traveller and was fairly devastated that so many destinations were out [...]

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