The days of Singapore being used as a layover are long gone. With so many adventurous activities, eye catching sites, not to mention amazing resorts, it’s most certainly a destination in its own right. The island of Sentosa is man made and houses some of the most incredible hotels in Singapore, and places like Universal [...]

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Community post by Jane ~ I had been to Singapore twice before having Bruno and neither time did I feel it was particularly a family destination. I wasn't necessarily looking out for the wealth of kid friendly activities and play parks. We visited in December when Bruno was approaching his second birthday and had the [...]

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Singapore with a baby

Singapore was the first stop on our ten-month journey away from home. Esmé was around 12-weeks old when we arrived. Being an extremely clean city, it was a great starting point with a newborn. It is also regularly used as a layover destination when flying from Europe to places like New Zealand and Australia. I [...]

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