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I am always on the lookout for baby travel paraphernalia. I have searched high and low for small, compact, yet comfortable buggies, cots, high-chairs and baths. I have equally sought out other handy items for travelling such as bibs, food containers and sterilising equipment. Sites such as eBay, Amazon, Gumtree, Craig’s List, Trade Me and Ali Express can be really helpful in finding affordable, sometimes new, sometimes second hand items. I also review everything else to do with travelling from photography to tours and beyond.  I hope my reviews help you to make informed decisions when buying products.  Let me know if you discover something cool that could be helpful for other like-minded, travel loving parents!

    Things To Do With Bored Kids At Home

    The coronavirus has taken a hold of the world, more and more schools are shutting down for a number of weeks to try and contain things. I bet you’re asking what the hell you are going to do with your kids for that long? Even as a homeschooling parent I am asking myself the same […]

      Flyaway Kids Bed Review

      As a family of frequent travellers, we are always keen to keep our little ones as comfortable and happy as possible on a long journey. Sleep is the number one thing that keeps us all in check but sometimes trying to bed kids down on a flight can be a nightmare. That was until an […]

        The Best Baby Travel Toys

        Travelling with a baby can be intimidating, whether you are setting out on a plane or a road trip adventure. One of the best ways to have a smooth trip is to be prepared with snacks and activities. When your baby is still an infant, flying is mainly about keeping them comfortable enough to sleep, […]

          The Best Baby Carriers For Traveling & Everyday Use

          As a mum who has literally traveled all over the world, mostly baby wearing, my carrier is one of the most important pieces of paraphernalia I bring with me! I want to be able to do all of the amazing hikes, and reach those places you can’t take a stroller, in comfort, for both me […]

            Family Holiday Essentials This Summer

            It’s that time of year again when the sun is out and school is almost over. Are you excited? Some of us will staycation whilst others will jet off to beach destinations. The lead up to school finishing and going on holiday is always manic and I know as a parent you’re frantically preparing in your […]

              Baby Travel Gear

              There is no doubt the amount of baby travel gear on the market is one of the most off putting things when it comes taking the plunge and booking a trip as a new parent. Let me tell you, I am a minimalist at heart, so I am always on the lookout for the most […]

                Sky Roam Solis – The Best Travel Pocket WiFi

                Having been an avid traveller for well over a decade now, I have certainly noticed changes in the way I do so. Particularly in relation to technology and devices. Gone are the days of printing boarding passes! Like most of us, my smart phone and connection to the world is a lifeline and this has […]

                  15 Eco Friendly Travel Products for 2020

                  If you follow the blog you know we try very hard to minimize our impact on the environment. Being a travelling family we do rack up quite a few air miles but we try to do road trips as much as possible and to balance out our footprint by eating sustainably and going plastic free […]

                    TRAVEL TOYS FOR TODDLERS

                    When you spend as much time travelling as we do you learn what works and what doesn’t when it comes to keeping your kids happy on the move. Whether it’s for flying with your toddler or a road trip we are always looking for the magic travel toys for toddlers that will keep them entertained […]

                      BEST TRAVEL STROLLERS

                      I have travelled to over 40 + countries with my two kids since they were newborns. Needless to say a small stroller for travel and a comfy carrier are two key items we always bring.  On the whole, we are minimalists when we travel with our kids because we all know how easy it is […]


                        Every parents dreaded nightmare about going on holiday is getting there. The packing, organising and getting through the airport can be stressful at the best of times. I don’t know about you, but even as a seasoned traveller, I still feel flustered since having children when going through the airport. They take so much extra […]

                          MY SUMMER HAUL

                          Summer haul ~ If you have been reading my content for a while, you will know we are minimalists when it comes to belongings. For the last year we’ve been travelling with our two kids extensively across five continents. It’s been really hard juggling clothes and re-wearing everything over and over again. Likewise, so many […]

                            ADVENTURES WITH BABY JOGGER

                            Baby Jogger reached out recently asking us to take their City Tour Lux on some of our day to day adventures. As it stands, we always bring one stroller and two carriers when travelling with our two little ones. It all depends on what we are doing! Our nearly four year old hasn’t mastered walking long distances! […]

                              THE BEST SUNCREAM FOR KIDS

                              As a travelling family we are often in hot countries for extended periods of time. We’re always looking out for the best suncream for kids, especially as we can sometimes be in 30+ degree celsius weather conditions. Whilst Im not complaining about that in itself, I am a worry wart when it comes to the […]

                                KIDS BIKE SEATS

                                I’ve made myself a big promise since coming home from our travels. I bought a car when I was pregnant with Esme, and fell into the habit of driving everywhere ever since! I could not be bothered with public transport when I was pregnant, especially in London. I still think we are going to need […]

                                  HOW TO DEAL WITH BABIES AND KIDS IN HOT WEATHER

                                  My number one panic on holiday has to be my baby or toddler getting overheated. Will they get sun stroke? Or sun burnt? Will they get dehydrated? Maybe they will shrivel up into a dried prune? “OMG, look there is a bit of sun on her head! Quick, quick get in the shade”. My husband […]

                                    A NEW APPROACH TO PREVENTING MOSQUITO BITES

                                    I am one of those people that get nailed by mosquitos! I find it incredible that I can be in the same area as my husband and kids, but still be the only one that gets bitten. Mosquito repellent is something that i can not afford to forget, especially as I have had bites that […]

                                      JetKids BedBox Review

                                      Before I jump straight into this JetKids BedBox Review, let me give you some background. As you may know, we were travelling for almost one year, around Central and South America, before visiting family in New Zealand and moving on to Australia, Bali and Singapore. When we decided to take our family gap year, neither […]

                                        COZIGO REVIEW – THE AIRLINE BASSINET AND STROLLER COVER

                                        When we decided to continue travelling with our second born, we were more prepared with experience. Looking back, the issues with travelling are always the same. It comes down to some sort of bodily fluid disaster, wether it’s a poonami up the back, or a vomit all down my top. Or it might be the […]

                                          JUCY CAMPER VAN REVIEW

                                          Ever since I travelled around NZ solo, I have wanted to rent one of those green and purple RV’S! They were everywhere in NZ when I visited eight years ago. At the time, I thought it would be epic to do it with friends. Little did I know, nearly a decade later, I would be […]

                                            Flying Premium Economy Air Canada

                                            We are all familiar with the difference between economy and business, however what is Premium Economy Air Canada? Well it’s essentially a middle ground with regard, to price, comforts and amenities, a service that may airlines are now offering.    I was flying from Heathrow Terminal 2 to Calgary recently, onboard the Boeing 787-9 in […]

                                              Mountain Buggy Juno Carrier Review

                                              Being a baby wearing enthusiast and a family travel blogger, I have tried multiple carriers. Some I have loved and some I have hated. As Mountain Buggy is one of our favourite brands, I was excited to learn they had a carrier with some awesome features. I was therefore delighted to write a Mountain Buggy […]

                                                The transatlantic experience in premium with Norwegian

                                                We were super excited when Norwegian got in touch and asked us to try out their premium service from London Gatwick to Orlando. Being a low cost airline, with an affordable Premium service, they are such a great choice for family travel. It makes those long haul flights more realistic financially when you have to […]

                                                  Toddler Travel Essentials for Hand Luggage

                                                  People regularly ask me what to bring on plane for toddler, and we’ve learned by travelling with our two year-old Esmé. The main aim of the game is to keep her entertained for the entire flight / train or car journey and prevent any public melt downs! The second goal is to ensure she is […]

                                                    i-Angel Baby Carrier and Hipseat Review

                                                    I’m almost five years into my parenting journey now and there is one piece of baby / toddler paraphernalia that has stuck with me for the duration – the i-angel baby carrier. I have travelled to over 40 + countries with my kids since they were newborns and the i-angel carrier has been literally an […]

                                                      Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Review

                                                       Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Review Now that we are back in the UK, we have been doing a little more local exploring, whether it’s in Central London or in the forest in the South West of England. As I’ve previously mentioned I am a baby wearing enthusiast, however sometimes you just need more options. We […]

                                                        Mountain Buggy Pod – Feeding Chair

                                                        This brings a whole new meaning to ‘eating at the table’! I first discovered the Mountain Buggy Pod feeding chair when I was in Bali. We asked for a high chair in a restaurant and out came this amazing little contraption. I was like, hang on a minute, how come I didn’t find this when I […]

                                                          Koo-Di Pop-Up Travel Cot

                                                          When I decided to go backpacking with our baby and realised that many hotels charge extra for a cot, I decided to look for a portable one. I really did not think I would find anything small enough to carry around easily. Initially I searched for an inflatable cot. Instead I found the amazing Koo-di […]