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    Travel First Aid Kit

    As a nurse, I love making up my travel first aid kit. We have travelled to some far-flung remote destinations with our kids, so having the best first aid kit for travel abroad offers peace of mind! We’ve rarely needed to use it, but, I wouldn’t take the chance of not having one. The most […]

      Dealing with Jet Lag in Babies, Toddlers and Kids

      When you travel to far flung destinations you have to deal with the dreaded jet lag. While this can be annoying for adults, it gets a little more complicated with baby travel. We are frequently asked how to avoid jet lag in infants, baby, toddlers and kids. It’s most travelling parents worse nightmare, so we’ve […]


        Throughout my entire adult life, I have loved travelling. I was always nervous of having children, would I still be able to travel? Could I afford it? I have found a number of thrifty ways to make travel more affordable, from Flybuys Travel, to choosing the right credit card, in order to maximise on rewards, […]

          Travelling with Kids

          If you follow our blog or Instagram it can sometimes seem like we are living a glamorous life filled with fancy family trips. While our lifestyle of travelling with kids is amazing, we only show some of the challenges that come along with it. Like everyone else we have our ups and downs with parenting […]

            FLYING WITH KIDS

            With my husband being from New Zealand and me being from Ireland, it’s inevitable we need to fly a lot with our two kids. We’ve been to six continents with our children, visiting 40+ countries. I am a travel enthusiasts at heart and couldn’t imagine giving up exploring once we became a family! Needless to […]


              Car seats have to be one of parents clumsiest over sized nightmares. I get asked the question daily, should I take my car seat on holiday? They are heavy, arm breaking pieces of baby paraphernalia that leave us parents in a state of guilt for not wanting to bring them with us. Not to mention I’ve […]


                Guest post from The Stork and I about travelling as a solo parent – Over the past 10 years I’ve been a massive travel enthusiast. Ever since I got the opportunity to live in Mumbai for a year, I’ve had the travel bug, always hunting out the next adventure, looking for the next amazing place […]


                  So here we are one year on from the beginning of our journey, and many road trip adventures around the world. We rented cars in eight countries, across five continents on our gap year. Some of the most exhilarating moments and breathtaking views were during our roady adventures. I love the fact having a car […]


                    Over the last year, we have driven thousands and thousands of miles with our baby and toddler in tow. Literally across continents, up mountains, four wheel driving, on the road less travelled. Starting in Canada, we pretty much did the majority of the journey to Argentina by road. From driving on dirt roads in Guatemala, […]

                      3 Tips to Get a Good Night’s Sleep Outdoors

                      It’s happened to all of us wilderness fans at some stage, the most amazing day of hiking is ruined by an absolutely terrible night’s sleep outdoors. As a result the entire next day of outdoors fun is spoiled. A bad night sleep is never nice but it’s especially disheartening when you’re out in the woods on […]


                        My number one panic on holiday has to be my baby or toddler getting overheated. Will they get sun stroke? Or sun burnt? Will they get dehydrated? Maybe they will shrivel up into a dried prune? “OMG, look there is a bit of sun on her head! Quick, quick get in the shade”. My husband […]

                          FIVE WAYS TO TRAVEL FOR FREE

                          Travel for free? Come off it. That seems like a ludicrous idea to most. There have been a couple of desperate moments throughout our family gap year, where we’ve almost had to book a flight home because of financial strain. We’ve travelled a lot, more extensively than what we probably should have done. I guess […]

                            TRAVELING WITH LITTLE ONES IN A BIG CITY

                            When you begin to plan a family vacation, you may find yourself becoming overwhelmed with the preparation. Vacations can be tricky enough, but with little ones, it can seem like an impossible task. How you prepare for a vacation is as important as where you’re going. One popular tourist destination in the United States (and […]

                              MY TAKE ON CRUISING WITH KIDS

                              As inherent backpackers, cruising with kids is not something I had considered as a way of travelling. Although the concept of moving from place to place, see as much as possible, is quite similar. Travelling full time with two young kids comes with its challenges. The main concern is keeping our three year old happy and […]

                                WHAT DID WE BRING WITH US FOR A YEAR?

                                WHAT DID WE BRING WITH US FOR A YEAR? When we tell people we are on a family gap year, they always ask us about our luggage. How did you pack? What did you bring? How did you decide what to take? Predictable questions because everyone wants to know how it’s possible. Let me tell […]

                                  FORMULA FEEDING TRAVEL TIPS

                                  I’m a strong proponent of fed is best but boy does being a formula feeding mama complicate things when you are traveling. Formula feeding adds on a whole extra layer of equipment and logistics to think about and was arguably one of the things I stressed about the most before we started traveling with our little lady. […]

                                    Breastfeeding when travelling

                                    Whilst I know some mums can’t breastfeed, and I totally sympathise, its the one thing that makes me feel safe travelling to exotic places with such a young baby. I am very grateful not to have the hassle of washing bottles and worrying about sterilising. That said, there are plenty of mums that manage just fine […]

                                      Preparing for a family gap year – healthcare

                                      Preparing for a family gap year is a task not to be underestimated. We have been planning for nearly a year already. From staring at maps, getting an idea of routes and desired destinations, to investigating accommodation, car rentals and activities, the list is endless. One major part of our preparations is ensuring we can […]

                                        Packing like a pro

                                        After our story hit the media about travelling the world with our baby and only one backpack, I regularly get asked how I manage to pack so light. Pre-baby, my husband and I use to have one 80L backpack EACH!! Now, looking back, I have no idea what I had in that bag! I initially […]

                                          Planning a Family gap year

                                          The due date of our second baby is coming around quickly and we are getting more excited about planning a family gap year again. Obviously the first priority is to ensure the pregnancy / birth goes smoothly and we keep our fingers crossed baby is happy and healthy. In some ways, I do feel like […]

                                            An A to Z guide to travelling during pregnancy

                                            When I found out I was pregnant with Esmé, we were on holiday thousands of miles from home. I wasn’t particularly worried about the journey back, however, my concern was about future trips that were planned. I even considered cancelling my holidays until I had a conversation with my GP and did some research on […]

                                              Book a trip

                                              I regularly get asked how we go about booking trips. As adventurers, we tend to book flights and hotels separately rather than as part of a package. Building a holiday for ourselves gives us more flexibility and I also feel it’s more cost effective. I always use the same search engines for booking our trip. […]

                                                Responsible Travel for Families

                                                I am not sure if responsible travel is something that is becoming a hot topic over the last couple of years or if it’s related to my influences. Nonetheless, it’s something I am becoming ever conscious of on our adventures as a family. Being a regular traveller, I want to take it seriously, just like people […]

                                                  Five ways a child can enhance your travel experience

                                                  I always thought my travel life would change drastically when I had a baby, and yes that has happened but what has surprised me the most whilst incorporating my little one into our lifestyle is how much a child can enhance your travel experience. I still travel often, the main differences are we are taking things more […]

                                                    Seven things to consider for your babymoon trip

                                                    The term ‘babymoon’ is something that is relatively new in the U.K. Similar to baby showers they have only started becoming more popular on this side of the Atlantic in the last few years. It seems expectant parents are following the trend being set by celebrities by going on a babymoon. It is not a […]

                                                      Twelve reasons to travel during maternity leave

                                                      There are a number of people that don’t agree with my decision to travel during maternity leave. I have learnt this through the backlash I received in the media when our story went viral in 2016. People’s concerns were always the same – “You’re selfish, this is about you, not the baby” or “What about travel […]

                                                        Family travel health

                                                        Being a nurse, with a diabetic husband and egg allergic baby I take family travel health seriously. There is nothing worse than your trip being wasted on feeling unwell! Diarrhoea and vomiting is only one issue you need to ensure to protect yourself against. Especially when you consider tropical countries where you can contract malaria, […]

                                                          How to maintain a baby’s routine whilst travelling

                                                          This is the golden question I get asked regularly: how can you maintain a baby’s routine whilst travelling? Is it even possible?  I often think this can be the biggest fear for parents wanting to travel. The fear of breaking an established routine and never being able to claw it back. We have never been the […]

                                                            Flying With A Toddler

                                                            Two children, 80+ countries across six continents, including two years of full time travel, I feel I have the flying with a toddler tips nailed! Travelling with toddlers on a plane who are such energetic, not to mention emotionally labile pint-sized little people can be exhausting. I mean, I’m over here just trying to survive […]

                                                              Backpacking with a baby

                                                              If I want to talk about backpacking with a baby, it’s probably worth starting with my definition of backpacking. As I am sure you will know, there are extreme examples, from the hikers and trampers in the wilderness, to the party goers in Thailand’s notorious Koh Phangan. For us, backpacking is about a prolonged period away on […]

                                                                Feeding a fussy baby whilst travelling around the world

                                                                FEEDING A FUSSY BABY WHILE TRAVELLING Note in the title of this post the word ‘fussy’. This is probably an understatement. From day one of starting solids, Esmé would not allow anyone to feed her. This was due to the ‘ I want to do everything myself’ attitude. A personality trait she has probably inherited […]

                                                                  Financing a Baby Gap Year

                                                                  I have had so many people ask how we could afford our baby gap year (travelling for my maternity leave), so here we go: A little background… I work as a nurse and Shaun is a landscaper, both with full time jobs in London. Nothing out of the ordinary in terms of earnings! However, pre-baby, […]

                                                                    The hardest things about backpacking with a baby

                                                                    BACKPACKING WITH A BABY Yes I can show you some of the most amazing photos of our ‘baby gap year’ (when we went backpacking with our baby during my maternity leave). But, was it all plain sailing? Everyone these days can make life look pretty amazing on social media with the best photos. What are […]

                                                                      Flying With A Baby

                                                                      Let me guess, you’ve typed  flying with a baby  (or something to that affect) into Google and have wound up here looking for all the tips and tricks to make your next trip as smooth running and painless as possible. I can feel the sense of anxiety and excitement seeping through this screen! I’ll start […]

                                                                        CAMPING WITH A BABY – OUR TOP TIPS

                                                                        How to Camp with a Baby When my husband suggested we should go camping with baby, our precious newborn, I wasn’t too sure of the idea! People even asked me, can you camp with a baby? Well the answer is yes! Read on for our top tips for making camping with your little one comfortable. […]