Ten baby travel items I can’t live without

I am always being asked what are my ‘must have’ baby travel items. Of course, you have the usual; dummy, cuddly toy (that will cause World War 3 if lost) and a big bag of snacks to get you through. These go without saying! However, during our travels we have come across a few favourites that we can’t do without. The things that we always bring with us.

Here’s our top ten:

  1. Ergo Baby carrier

    When it comes to baby travel items, this was the biggest life saver for us on many occasions. Whether you have a sleeping baby going through the airport that you do not want to disturb or you want to trek up a hill to see some amazing views, it is an absolute essential for us.

    Baby travel items - baby carrier

  2. Mountain Buggy Pod clip-on high chair

    These very compact, cool chairs bring a new meaning to little ones eating at the table. Esmé loves eating off my plate anyway so this just makes it easier for her to pick and choose what she likes. Plus, it is great in countries that do not have so many high chairs. We use it all the time and love it more than our normal high chair.

    Baby travel items - clip on feeding chair

  3. Hamamma towel

    Our number one activity on holiday is always swimming. These towels dry really easily and quickly which makes it easier for a baby that wants to be in and out of the water every five minutes!

    Baby travel items - hamamma towel

  4. Tui bug balm insect repellent

    During our entire time in SE Asia, Esmé only had one mosquito bite in an area I had missed. This balm is brilliant, even I (who usually gets nailed by mozzies) have started using it.

    Baby travel items Big Balm

  5. Pop-up travel cot 

    Esmé has recently outgrown her Koo-di pop-up travel cot but it is perfectly compact at only 2.2kg. It also has a blow up mattress and a zip-up mosquito net.

    Baby travel items - pop up cot

  6. Baby harem pants 

    These are the best, scrunch up into nothing, don’t get creased, fit them for ages and match any little top. They are also quite cool to wear in the sun and keep the skin covered. Equally good to keep a little warmer on the plane. Not to mention how damn cute they are!

    Baby travel items - baby harem pants

  7. Reusable swim nappy 

    As previously mentioned, swimming is by far Esmé’s favourite activity. In a bid to save the environment and space in the bag we use reusable nappies. Luckily no code brown to date!

    Baby travel items - swimming nappy

  8. Stainless bottle 

    It’s nice to be able to keep Esmé’s drinks cool, especially in warmer climates. Plus it is more environmentally friendly.

    Baby travel items - stainless bottle

  9. Earth Mama Silicone catch bib 

    Clothes are sacred when traveling so a catch bib is a must! Being silicone, it is also really easy to clean with a wipe.Best baby travel items - silicone bib

  10. Busy bag

    We have a travel specific zip-up bag that we stuff with new toys every time we travel. I tend to do a trip to the pound shop for whatever I can find that will entertain for a while without breaking the bank.

    Baby travel items - busy bag

Tell me your favourite baby travel items!

If you have any great baby travel items, let us know below so that we can share with others.

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10 Comments on "Ten baby travel items I can’t live without"

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This is an amazing blogggggg!!!!! Thank you for putting this together!!! Very inspiring!!!

Laura Handley

Love the blog & the hareem pants are amazing. Where are they from please? X


Hi Karen. Just wondering if you can advise on where to buy the Tui bug balm? Can’t seem to find it online! Thanks


Hi Karen. Just wondering if you can advise on where to get hold of Tui bug balm? Can’t seem to find it… Thanks

Kirsten Sasady, Denmark
Kirsten Sasady, Denmark

We love the BabyZen Yoyo pram – you can take it on the flight as hand luggage = you’ll have for stop-overs in airports along the way. And in general it’s just the perfect size and very robust too.

And for smaller babies I love my small electrical water kettle – they you can always cook some quick porridge.

When they get a bit older, the Trunki BoostApak is perfect for safe travels. It’s a backpack and a car seat in one! ?

I could go on… love traveling and our kids don’t stop us! ???

Hi Karen, I love the pop up travel cot – I’m looking for one like this for some time now as we are planning to travel through Europe for a few weeks in a camper van. And also yes to stainless bottles. I’m happy that we are using the German Hipp formula anyways which is easy to get in Europe, in the US we always have to order it from https://myorganicformula.com/. I’m very excited for our trip but your blog posts helped me already a lot and now I cannot wait to start traveling. At first I was a little… Read more »