Ten reasons why our family love using GoPro Hero 5

Our love affair with GoPro started long before we had a baby. From snowboarding in the alps, to swimming in the blue lagoon in Iceland, we used it for capturing everything ‘action’ on our adventures. However it wasn’t always seamless. Sometimes we didn’t capture moments properly and wouldn’t realise until we got it home and downloaded it. This was sometime disappointing, however that hasn’t stopped us from using it just as much with our daughter because we just love the quality of the images. In fact, I feel we use it even more in every day life situations to capture epic toddler action as well as our own fun. We were pretty thrilled when we heard about the latest upgrade to the awesome little cam at a launch event. We had an opportunity to play with all the new gadgets  and learn from the developers about the software and all the new features! We were quite literally blown away with the newest design. From voice activation to image stabilisation, it really can do just about anything. Especially with the best GoPro Accessories for adventure travel. Here are ten reasons why our family love using  GoPro Hero 5.


Ten reasons why our family love using GoPro Hero 5
  1. It can be used in a multitude of situations-sking, snowboarding, swimming diving scooter rides and hiking as a few adventure examples. Or, first steps, first time your child puts their head under water, first time on a swing as examples of how it could be used as a parent. In every day use it could be brought to the park or the beach on the weekend. It’s completely adaptable, especially with all the mounts and gadgets that are available.



  1. It’s too easy to use – it doesn’t matter if you haven’t had much experience in photography or video making before. It is basically a point and shoot situation with the camera doing the rest.
  2. It stabilises images – Whether we are running after a toddler or have a shaky hand when videoing all potential bumpy or blurred footage is automatically made smooth by the new cam. 
  3.  It has a voice activated control featureThere is a multitude of scenarios where this could be used to your advantage. From taking a humble selfie to catching a special moment like your little ones first steps all you have to say is   “GoPro take photo, video, or burst” depending on your requirement. The voice control feature supports seven languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. What an epic feature!
  4. It has a touch screen– this is a feature the camera has so desperately been missing until now. The screen is located on the exterior of the camera case and is as simple and straight forward as an I phone. This rules out our previous issue of wondering if we caught the footage as videos can be viewed instantly.


  1. It is super durable– no case is required. The camera itself is completely waterproof for up to ten metres. So if your little one drops it in the swimming pool, there’s no need to worry.
  2. It has GPS you will never forget where a picture or video has been shot when you look back through your memories.
  3. They have developed the easiest video editing app I have ever come across– we have played around with so many apps for years and there is just nothing on the market like Quik which is free for everyone to download. You can edit snippets of all your videos and photos automatically and have them preset for
    instagram.  They have their own selection of music which is auto-synced to the footage. Anyone could use this and they couldn’t get it wrong.
  4. The microphones changes according to surrounding noise- it doesn’t just have one microphone, it has three! It automatically changes which one it is using according to factors such as the wind or other background noises. Sound quality has been a real let down in past cameras as we have discovered but now with the stereo mic upgrades it is amazing.
  5. It has it’s own automatic cloud storage – just like an I phone it will upload everything to it’s own GoPro cloud when you plug it into your laptop.

So that’s our top ten reasons and kind of a mini review why we love this product. We never go far without it and I feel we are going to get lots of use out of all the new features.


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This post was co-written with Shaun, AKA, Travel Mad Dad.

 This post is sponsored by GoPro. 

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