Yellowstone National Park is all too often a bucket list destination! People have heard about, read about or seen in a nature documentary. It is often put on a bucket list for when the kids have flown the nest. I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t do that, because Yellowstone with kids can be [...]

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The weather is finally warming up and it’s time to start planning your upcoming summer vacation. Instead of heading to a theme park for the millionth time, maybe it’s time to try something new — a trip to one of the many amazing national parks that dot the American landscape. Where are the best national [...]

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We had nine days to play with before embarking our cruise in Miami. What better to do than a road trip around Florida? Incorporating some of the ever popular theme parks such as Walt Disney World and Legoland, it was certainly going to be a busy few days. When we started putting a plan together [...]

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Before I visited Miami, I immediately thought glitz, glam, fashion and nightlife. It wasn't necessarily a destination that springs to mind for the family. Based on the southerly point of east coast America, it has a strong cuban influence. I feel embarrassed to point that out, but I honestly didn't know that 70% of people [...]

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We hadn't intentionally planned to drive, the never ending, Highway 101, from top to bottom! Although, somehow on our epic road trip from Seattle to Los Angeles, we seemed to be on it the majority of the time. Highway 101 winds around incredible national parks, through giant redwoods, next to scenic coastline, past towns and [...]

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Ever since I travelled around NZ solo, I have wanted to rent one of those green and purple RV'S! They were everywhere in NZ when I visited eight years ago. At the time, I thought it would be epic to do it with friends. Little did I know, nearly a decade later, I would be [...]

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Portland with kids

Portland, Oregon's largest city, is all about parks, cycling, breweries and museums. We travelled down from nearby Seattle and there are distinct differences between the two cities. We found Portland to be cleaner with many eco-friendly initiatives going on. I almost felt like I was in Amsterdam, everyone cycles! We didn't know much about Portland [...]

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48 hours in Seattle with kids

The reason we came to the US was predominantly to visit the national parks close to the West Coast. In honesty, we were trying to avoid the cities since there not so much 'our thing'. So when we spent 48 hours in Seattle with kids, we were completely taken by surprise when we enjoyed it [...]

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An epic trip to Florida

If you follow my Instagram account Travel Mad Dad, you will know I ventured to Florida with some other bloggers recently. The aim of the game was to try out the Norwegian Premium service on the London to Orlando route and discover all the great spots in Kissimmee and Clearwater St Pete's. To say it was an epic [...]

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Alternative Florida with kids

Florida has been a 'go-to' destination for many families over the years. The predominant attraction has of course been Disney and theme parks. Built-up tourist hubs and the thoughts of going to Disney with kids doesn't interest me so much. Of course, if the kids wanted to go then we would give it a shot. [...]

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