Natural products are becoming the first choice for many parents nowadays. More and more information is surfacing about the harmful effects of ingredients such as parabens, surfactants and emulsifiers. Being a full time nomadic family with a four month old in tow, we want to avoid convenience but instead choose products that are good for [...]

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Breastfeeding when travelling

Whilst I know some mums can't breastfeed, and I totally sympathise, its the one thing that makes me feel safe travelling to exotic places with such a young baby. I am very grateful not to have the hassle of washing bottles and worrying about sterilising. That said, there are plenty of mums that manage just fine [...]

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Caring for a newborn on the road

We just completed potty training with Esmé before Quinn arrived and now we are starting the nappy changing journey all over again. It's crazy how quickly it is to forget how delicate sweet little newborns are. Being a Travel Mad Family, we are always on the go! However, the last thing I want to do [...]

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Preparing for a family gap year – healthcare

Preparing for a family gap year is a task not to be underestimated. We have been planning for nearly a year already. From staring at maps, getting an idea of routes and desired destinations, to investigating accommodation, car rentals and activities, the list is endless. One major part of our preparations is ensuring we can [...]

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Fancy nursery V’s adventure of a lifetime

Five days postpartum and I am looking at our lonely moses basket in the corner of the room, our new little guys clothes squashed into our wardrobes and his nappies scattered all over the place. Ordinarily I am a super organised person, not to mention the touch of OCD I possess. Everything has a place, [...]

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Singapore with a baby

Singapore was the first stop on our ten-month journey away from home. Esmé was around 12-weeks old when we arrived. Being an extremely clean city, it was a great starting point with a newborn. It is also regularly used as a layover destination when flying from Europe to places like New Zealand and Australia. I [...]

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