We started our Peruvian trip in the North and arrived into Lima on an overnight bus from Mancora. We drove for hours and hours past baron desert land, before hitting busy and vibrant Lima. Lima surprised me in many ways. Especially with the European architectural influences. Its one of the largest cities in South America [...]

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Visiting Machu Picchu with a baby and a toddler seems like a far flung idea to most. The altitude, the hiking, the water and food, how did we manage? These are some of the hundreds of questions I got asked on social media when we visited. It seems there is a lot of confusion about [...]

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Santa Teresa is a hip town on the west coast of Costa Rica's, Puntarenas Province. Unlike neighbouring Nicaragua, the area has been welcoming tourists for many years, despite it being a hard to reach destination. The white sand beaches have perfectly formed waves (all year round) and palm trees stretch as far as the eyes [...]

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I'm a strong proponent of fed is best but boy does being a formula feeding mama complicate things when you are traveling. Formula feeding adds on a whole extra layer of equipment and logistics to think about and was arguably one of the things I stressed about the most before we started traveling with our little lady. This [...]

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Breastfeeding when travelling

Whilst I know some mums can't breastfeed, and I totally sympathise, its the one thing that makes me feel safe travelling to exotic places with such a young baby. I am very grateful not to have the hassle of washing bottles and worrying about sterilising. That said, there are plenty of mums that manage just fine [...]

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Mountain Buggy Juno Carrier Review

Being a baby wearing enthusiast and a family travel blogger, I have tried multiple carriers. Some I have loved and some I have hated. As Mountain Buggy is one of our favourite brands, I was excited to learn they had a carrier with some awesome features. I was therefore delighted to write a Mountain Buggy [...]

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Singapore with a baby

Singapore was the first stop on our ten-month journey away from home. Esmé was around 12-weeks old when we arrived. Being an extremely clean city, it was a great starting point with a newborn. It is also regularly used as a layover destination when flying from Europe to places like New Zealand and Australia. I [...]

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Langkawi, Malaysia with a baby

Malaysia was our fifth stop on our baby gap year. As we like to see a good variety of every country, we incorporated Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi into our Malaysian adventure. We spent two days in KL and a week on Langkawi Island. I couldn't pass the Petrona Towers without seeing them! Being in Langkawi, [...]

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Hoi-an, Vietnam with a baby

We decided to visit  Hoi-an following a recommendation from my sister. We asked her to keep an eye out whilst she was there to see if it was suitable to visit Hoi-an, Vietnam with a baby. After her glowing feedback, we decided to incorporate a four day stop  on our trip. The fact we ended [...]

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