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Escape to the Arctic in 24 hours

You might think that the Arctic is something that only penguins and scientists get to see, but you’ll be surprised to know that tourists have been flying over it for years and you can also visit the Arctic on a private charter jet too. 24 hours in the arctic can change your life.

Granted it’s not a sun-drenched break in the Maldives but the Arctic is so much more. There is so much to see in this unexplored baron ice massed land. So much is yet to be discovered there. 

Here’s a look at the top reasons you should consider a trip to the Arctic:

The Views On The Approach 

Flying to the Arctic, you will fly over icebergs, ice sheets, snow-capped mountains and superb views over the snow-covered continent. It’s a fantastic sight to see. 

The Landscape

The views of the landscape are out of this world. Every direction is spectacular, and it changes as the sunlight shifts throughout the day. The sunsets are spectacular. 

The icebergs are like nothing you will have ever seen, and it’s insane to learn that when looking at an iceberg, you can only see 10% of it. The dark, icy waters against the white snow and ice are striking. There is something to see here all the time. 

The Wildlife

The wildlife in Antarctica makes the mission even more worthwhile. From penguins on ice sheets to whales swimming in the distance, the spectacular wildlife makes a visit to the Arctic a bucket list location. The unpredictability of the sightings makes the whole experience of being there so exciting. One minute you could be learning about the impacts of climate change on the area and the next you could be watching Elephant seals. 

The Food

You wouldn’t think that the Arctic would be an excellent place for a meal, it’s not hard to not expect that much from a meal here, but there is a lot on offer. From buffet breakfasts, salad lunches and hot dishes including fresh grilled fish you could be spoilt for choice. The food out in the Arctic is excellent! 

Educational Value

No matter where you head off to in the Arctic, you will most likely attend an informative presentation. These aren’t drab and boring lessons designed to bore your brains out they are exciting and educational. Those who give talks are experts in their field, they live and breathe the Arctic and usually have excellent knowledge of a broad range of the region. 

The Activities

There are lots of activities in the Arctic. As well as enjoying downtime and enjoying the scenery, visitors can also enjoy kayaking, boat trips, ice walks and more. There are lots of opportunities for great photos when taking part in activities here, and the surrounding beauty makes the trekking worthwhile. 

You Can Go To The Arctic Alone

Many solo travellers go to the Arctic for many different reasons. Visiting the Arctic is on a lot of peoples bucket lists and going alone isn’t going to stop them, it shouldn’t prevent you from going either. There’s pretty much a zero crime rate, everyone going there has similar interests and it’s a safe place to be on your own. 

Reasons To Fly By Private Charter Jet To The Arctic:

  • Less time on the Ground
  • A faster trip
  • More Private
  • Facilities to get any work done while you fly 
  • Can take large groups with more equipment 
  • Suitable for teams of scientists 
  • Better views when landing
  • Great for photographers who want to take photos of great landings