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    Make Holidays Greener

    As parents, we want our kids and our grandkids to see all the incredible landscapes that we have. Like snorkelling with beautiful fish around a colourful coral reef and having the opportunity to walk through pristine parks and forests full of wildlife. However, for this to happen, we all need to do our bit to […]

      15 Eco Friendly Travel Products for 2020

      If you follow the blog you know we try very hard to minimize our impact on the environment. Being a travelling family we do rack up quite a few air miles but we try to do road trips as much as possible and to balance out our footprint by eating sustainably and going plastic free […]


        I love Christmas and albeit amazing under coconut trees on a stunning beach in Costa Rica last year, I can’t wait to be with family for this one. You guys know I have been pretty hot on waste recently and I am trying my best to cut out unnecessary plastics amongst other things good for […]


          Going as plastic free as possible has been on my mind for a while. I’ve been making conscious changes since meeting one of my best friends Cindy in New Zealand. Being a true ocean lover, dive master, yogi and general lover of nature, she has been spreading the word for years. A long time before […]

            Responsible Travel for Families

            I am not sure if responsible travel is something that is becoming a hot topic over the last couple of years or if it’s related to my influences. Nonetheless, it’s something I am becoming ever conscious of on our adventures as a family. Being a regular traveller, I want to take it seriously, just like people […]