Sri Lanka itinerary East Coast community post by Jane ~ Sri Lanka is a beautiful country, rich in culture and diverse in landscape. Travelling here with kids is a really viable option due to the range of activities, resorts and landscapes on offer. It is fast becoming the destination to explore due to its accessibility and [...]

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Koh Samui with Kids

Community post by Jane ~ Koh Samui, Thailand's second largest island is a hugely popular destination and rightly so. Highly accessible, the beautiful beaches and Thai hospitality is what makes it so famous and easy to travel to Koh Samui with kids. It is more expensive to fly into Koh Samui than other islands hence [...]

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I'm a strong proponent of fed is best but boy does being a formula feeding mama complicate things when you are traveling. Formula feeding adds on a whole extra layer of equipment and logistics to think about and was arguably one of the things I stressed about the most before we started traveling with our little lady. This [...]

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Introducing the Travel Mad Families Community

Since setting up Travel Mad Mum two years ago, I have been asked so many questions from new parents not wanting to let go of their travel lifestyle. Sometimes older family members are trying to put them off, or, they fear it will be too difficult. Will it mess the routine up? Will the [...]

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