Air Canada Altitude Skyrider programme for kids

We are so excited to be taking our daughter Esme, who is now three years old, on a family gap year. At her age, she is going to get so much out of the experience and has engaged with the preparations. Our first stop on the adventure is Calgary to see our good Canadian friends, before driving across to Vancouver, making lots of stops throughout. Esme already loves the flying experience and has been around the world a few times. We have been on the lookout for a way she can save the memories of her trips. The Air Canada Altitude Skyrider programme for kids seems ideal, so we were delighted to be flying with them on the first leg of our adventure.

The motto of Altitude Skyrider is ‘putting delight into flight’. It couldn’t be more fitting when thinking of how we can educate Esme about flying and different destinations. Kids based in the USA & Canada can easily join by signing up online and it’s completely free.

Air Canada Altitude Skyrider programme for kids Air Canada Altitude Skyrider programme for kids 

Meet Pax

Pax is the Altitude Skyride mascot and he writes the kids a personal welcome letter. He guides them through the log book, explaining how to use it and has even been made into a personal luggage tag! He features on the online resource and all of the packs that the kids are given.

Starter pack

The starter pack is sent out on signing up to the programme. It includes a letter to the parents and some goodies for the kids. As previously mentioned they are given a personal Pax luggage tag so they can easily identify their bag on the carousel. Also included is an activity colouring pack, a small keyring puzzle, earphones and a backpack to keep them all safe! 

Log book

The flight logbook is what the programme is all about. Kids can keep a record of each flight they were on, the flight number and the destination. They are also asked to record what was special about the flight. When onboard they can ask the flight attendant for their ‘earned’ badge to stick inside the book. Each badge is themed according to destination.

It’s the perfect way to teach them about so many aspects of flying. From looking for the flight number on the terminal boards to communicating with the attendants.

Online resources

The online resource is quite similar to the logbook accept it is electronically stored with some additional information. The kids can see how many kilometres they have flown and how many times they have been around the world. The badges earned can also be seen online. It’s a nice back up incase the kids loose the book and they can print out the badge again if needed.

Are you little ones signed up to  Air Canada Altitude Skyrider programme for kids ?

I would love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment and I will get back to you.


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This sounds so great! We’ve booked with Air Canada for a flight to Edmonton later this year- how do I sign up my 2 year old??

Also, have been eyeing up your Plane Pals and keep em busy packs. Definitely getting some of those!!