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 I am always trying to minimise packing in a bid to be as hands free as possible with a toddler. However this doesn’t always work out. I consistently seem to be the one in the queue, bag on floor, pulling it apart looking for the passport, the credit card or the dummy! It’s always right when you need it too. After rummaging around for a while and return to my feet red faced from bending down too long I always look frazzled. Well gone are those days! This is an Aide De Camp Nadine travel bag review.

These people have changed my life. A bag that you can’t loose something in! It’s not a bottomless pit. Just a bag with all your tricks right where you can see them. These bags are specifically designed for busy women that may need to take a multitude of things in their bag from a DSLR camera or laptop to nappies and botty cream. It can fit in with anyone. Being a mum that works full time, travels regularly and has the usual nappy takeover of my handbag when I am with little lady, this bag is multi-functional. It is made of  premium European canvas with a smooth finish so it is also versatile to a classy or casual look. Aide de Camp Nadine travel bag review

When I review a product I always break it down into what I loved and what could be improved. In my usual format here goes:

Aide de Camp Nadine travel bag review

What I loved 

  • It has the most clever compartments that are not collapsible so everything can be seen when you look in the bag. This is also removable if you prefer.
  • It can be used in every situation from travelling alone or as a family, going to the park or work. I can adapt the interior accordingly. Aide de Camp Nadine travel bag review
  • There are not many bags that can are designed to protect both a DSLR camera and a laptop for women that is so diverse in how it could be used otherwise.
  • The laptop compartment can also be used as a nappy changing mat.
  • The bag is waterproof.
  • There are nine pockets.
  • There is a slip-through pocket on the outside of the bag so it can be easily attached to the handle of a suitcase. Perfect for going through the airport!Aide de Camp Nadine travel bag review

What could be improved 

  • The bag is quite big from what I normally use. However, I am happy to sacrifice the size for the fact everything can easily be found.

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