Ten things I hadn’t expected of the second pregnancy

The last time I was pregnant, it was all a bit of a surprise. We weren’t quite ready having only bought a property renovation. I didn’t get much time to take it all in! This time around, it was planned, so I had high aspirations of ‘enjoying’ being pregnant. I say enjoy loosely. What I really mean is I wanted to look after myself better and do things like yoga and pregnancy massage. Oh how different things are to what I planned. Why? Well with the addition of an energetic toddler and normal life things, you can hardly go for a pee, never mind pamper your pregnant self. All of a sudden I appreciate the time I had in the first pregnancy! Here are ten things I hadn’t expected of the second pregnancy.

Ten things I hadn't expected of the second pregnancy

Ten things I hadn’t expected of  the second pregnancy

1. My bump appeared way too quickly 

I was less than a few weeks when people at work could already guess I was pregnant. My uniform does nothing to cover bumps and curves! Now four months pregnant I already look six months… Second bump syndrome is sooo annoying!

2. I got my boobs back

Yay, after breastfeeding Esmé for fourteen months, my boobs were like a lonely apple in a plastic bag. Not that I am complaining that they have returned to their former glory… What will they look like after the second baby?

3. I never take bump pictures

I was so good the first time around at taking weekly bump pictures and putting them on my tracking app. The first time this bump got flashed was on our holiday we have just returned from!

4. What happened to my pelvic floor?

Okay, I really hope I am not alone here. My pelvic floor was a joke post first baby. Seriously, why has it all of a sudden returned to needing exercise with a four month old bump?

5. Why can I not remember to take my folic acid?

Oh my god, I am constantly forgetting to take my folic acid. I start off with great intentions of putting it in my pocket. It then appears as a stain post washing machine. WHY IS IT SO HARD TO REMEMBER?

6. Dealing with a toddler’s tantrum is emotional

Esmé is now aged two, so tantrums are regular and consistent. Mix that with a pregnant mum, in a big shopping centre, trying to pay for something with a toddler back arching and having a fit about an umbrella = mum and toddler both having a cry!

7. My bump regularly gets booted by a toddler

Is it just me or do all toddlers think nappy time + pregnant mum = a game of football? Seriously child just sit still for a minute!!

8. I can go the entire day without thinking I’m pregnant

I spent so much time on the first pregnancy day dreaming of what is it going to be like… What will the baby look like? What will we name her? This time I hardly remember I am pregnant from one end of the day to the next! I have a feeling it is going to fly past and I will suddenly have TWO!!

9. How many weeks AM I?

When someone asks you that question and you have to think hard. Errrr, now, how many weeks am I? Last time around I could tell you to the day – “I am 20 weeks and 4 days”. This time I’m like .. “err around four months”.

10. Looking after potential stretch marks has gone out the window

I religiously oiled my growing bump every day when I was pregnant the first time. Why does it seem there is no time in the day to do this second time round?!

Please tell me I am not alone with this! Love to hear from you as always, so feel free to comment.

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11 Comments on "Ten things I hadn’t expected of the second pregnancy"

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Aoife Tyrrell

Laughed out loud Karen! Your apples are not alone xx


Wait till ur on your third !! Lol totally remember all of the above just remember to embrace the journey it’s all normal ……i don’t remember my second or thirds birthday ? I remember the important stuff like feeding them and making sure they are in bed on time ? enjoy its all great ? I am greatful my kids survived my moments of complete memory loss and tiredness to make it to there first day of school lol xxx


Wait till you’ve breast fed two… plus you’ll probably breastfeed for longer, finding it easier and too lazy to express or do bottles. I regularly ask my Husband for a bob job… ?? as for stretch marks, I was never good the first time. And haven’t taken folic acid in my lifetime. ? 1 day at a time! ?? xxxx


Love this list because this too is everything I have been saying this second time around…due in May! Thanks for sharing and nice to know I’m not alone in my thoughts lol! Here’s to learning to continue to travel with two little ones even though everyone may tell us how impossible it could be but we will make it possible and keep on traveling. The world is a classroom waiting to be explored!


Ohh karen you are so right !! 2nd pregnancy is more trying on us especially dealing with 1st child. Wishing you good health and less tantrums from little miss !

Felicity Harris

All very true… having had 3. My biggest thing…. why, why, WHY does the toddler(s) constantly step on my feet!!! Especially the swollen, pregnant kind!!


Haha that is pretty much true.. I never really thought about my pregnancy and had to work out haw far along I was all the time.. I got jumped on a few times by toddler and wondered if it would hurt baby.

Can’t wait to see your “10 things I didn’t expect about having a toddler and a new born”



I can relate to everything on this list right now! I’m 20 weeks and have taken one bump pic, often forget I’m pregnant, and have my 1-year old climbing over my bump in a regular basis!