When we were researching Belize, we wanted to ensure we had a mix of experiences, especially as there is so much on offer. As we were arriving in Belize City and finishing our trip at the most southerly point of the country, it was obvious to start on the islands. We heard a lot about [...]

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After our epic trip along the entire west coast of America, our final stop was 48 hours in LA! In truth, we were exhausted and needing a rest so we wanted to be close enough to things so we could stroll out and have a look without too much hassle. The obvious choice was to [...]

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I'm a strong proponent of fed is best but boy does being a formula feeding mama complicate things when you are traveling. Formula feeding adds on a whole extra layer of equipment and logistics to think about and was arguably one of the things I stressed about the most before we started traveling with our little lady. This [...]

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48 hours in Seattle with kids

The reason we came to the US was predominantly to visit the national parks close to the West Coast. In honesty, we were trying to avoid the cities since there not so much 'our thing'. So when we spent 48 hours in Seattle with kids, we were completely taken by surprise when we enjoyed it [...]

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A Canada road trip Itinerary – Calgary to Vancouver

Canada has been high up on our agenda for just as long as I can remember. Having spent the last three weeks in this incredible country, I don't know why we haven't made it a priority sooner. Glass mirror lakes, lush forest, rolling blue mountains, intriguing wildlife and adventure activity galore, it was the best [...]

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Whistler with kids

Whistler is a cute village an hour and a half north of Vancouver. Famous for being the largest ski resort in North America, and home to the winter Olympics in 2010, Whistler most certainly feels like the adventure capital! As we visited in summer, we had a completely different perspective. Nonetheless there was plenty to [...]

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Westin Bayshore, Vancouver

Vancouver was the final stop on our three-week Canada road trip. We knew we were going to be tired and needing to relax, so we were really excited to be staying in one of Vancouver's best hotels, The Westin Bayshore. Based on the waterfront, the hotel is in prime position for some of the most stunning [...]

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Sunshine Mountain Lodge, Banff

Sunshine Mountain Lodge is based at Banff Sunshine Village, just a fifteen minute drive from Downton Banff. Based high up in the Rocky Mountains, the drive is incredibly scenic. Thousands of pine trees sore into the sky, and at one point on the way, we were looking down on dense forests and that was before [...]

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Breastfeeding when travelling

Whilst I know some mums can't breastfeed, and I totally sympathise, its the one thing that makes me feel safe travelling to exotic places with such a young baby. I am very grateful not to have the hassle of washing bottles and worrying about sterilising. That said, there are plenty of mums that manage just fine [...]

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