I have always loved small colonial towns. The buildings and architecture are so eye catching with bright colours, crumbling paint, pretty town halls and bustling squares. We visited Antigua, Guatemala before visiting Granada, Nicaragua. We absolutely loved Antigua so we weren't sure if Granada could beat it. My first impressions were the town was beautiful. [...]

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Before I visited Miami, I immediately thought glitz, glam, fashion and nightlife. It wasn't necessarily a destination that springs to mind for the family. Based on the southerly point of east coast America, it has a strong cuban influence. I feel embarrassed to point that out, but I honestly didn't know that 70% of people [...]

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Calcot Manor review ~The Cotswolds isn't necessarily the first place which springs to mind when thinking about a holiday or weekend away when you have kids. The quintessential English villages, long walks and cozy pubs don’t tend to be the most child friendly option. However, after my most recent stay with my husband and almost [...]

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When we were researching Belize, we wanted to ensure we had a mix of experiences, especially as there is so much on offer. As we were arriving in Belize City and finishing our trip at the most southerly point of the country, it was obvious to start on the islands. We heard a lot about [...]

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Portland with kids

Portland, Oregon's largest city, is all about parks, cycling, breweries and museums. We travelled down from nearby Seattle and there are distinct differences between the two cities. We found Portland to be cleaner with many eco-friendly initiatives going on. I almost felt like I was in Amsterdam, everyone cycles! We didn't know much about Portland [...]

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Whistler with kids

Whistler is a cute village an hour and a half north of Vancouver. Famous for being the largest ski resort in North America, and home to the winter Olympics in 2010, Whistler most certainly feels like the adventure capital! As we visited in summer, we had a completely different perspective. Nonetheless there was plenty to [...]

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Tigh-Na-Mara, Vancouver Island

I've heard so many great things about Vancouver Island, I felt we couldn't miss it on our Canadian itinerary. As usual, we didn't allow enough time on the island to see all of the highlights. At a guess, I would say four to five days would be a good period of time. We stayed at [...]

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Revelstoke with Kids

Revelstoke is a cute little town in Canada's, British Columbia. Being only a few hundred kilometres between Vancouver and Calgary, it's the perfect place to stop and explore for a few days. Better known for it's skiing, Revelstoke with kids is equally as enjoyable in the summer. We spent three nights exploring which was the [...]

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A day trip to Stafford with Virgin Trains

When I think of a day trip from London, places like Brighton and Kent spring to mind. However it gets boring to go back to the same places time and time again, so, we did a little investigating. My requirements for a day trip is the train must not take longer than an hour and [...]

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A two night stay at Crealy Meadows, Devon

On our recent trip to the south of England, we stayed in two different places. Starting off with a two night stay at Crealy Meadows, Devon, followed by a stop further south. I wanted to mix it up a little so Esme could have some nice time in a child-friendly place before going to a [...]

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