Mums can bungee jump too

Mums can bungee jump too

I didn’t want to commit before arriving at the bungee. I was going there with my friend and brother who were 100% doing it but I thought that if I commit before I get there I will be (excuse the language) shitting myself! We arrived and I went to the desk, but I still couldn’t commit because the next available jump wasn’t for two hours and I didn’t know if I could cope with the thought of it while waiting. The guy said there were a couple of spots but they could be taken at any time. I waited and hung out with Esmé looking at the markets and watching a few jumps. Mainly I was observing how much impact or spring the rope had. It looked quite smooth which made me feel more confident.mum bungee jump

It was getting close to the time and a huge group of guys had turned up so I dashed to the desk and thought – f**k it, I will regret it if I don’t and so I paid to jump off a huge bridge! I was weighed up and it was firmly written on my hand for everyone to see (shame they keep your shoes on). Remembering my yoga breathing was getting me through the thought of it. Dressed up in my harness,  Travel Mad Dad began laughing at me because he knew I had paid. Him: “Doin’ it then are ya?” Me: “Er yeah…”.


Next the safety briefing which I clearly didn’t take in whilst looking beyond the speaker at a body pinging up and down in the air off a bridge. It was actually quite far away despite being right next to the bridge. I had wondered how we were going to get there, clearly no pedestrians walk along the busy road above. We started the long walk to the middle of the bridge, not on the road above but instead along a purpose-built lane suspended under the bridge. It was like a cage, you could see through the bottom the very long 215 metre drop below. This was the most terrifying part. You could feel a bounce as you take a step on the see through floor. My heart was quite literally in my mouth. Bare in mind the space was tiny; oncoming traffic was the exhilarated group of people who had just jumped, returning to land!

mum bungee jumpWhen I finally got to the platform, which felt like forever, I became so calm! They obviously have it all figured out. They have a DJ on the platform playing tunes and taking everyone’s mind off what they are doing.

It wasn’t long before I was sitting on the chair close to the edge having my legs tied up. I was way more composed than I had expected just through deep breathing. Mind over matter can work! I wriggled to the edge with the help of two burly guys,  I couldn’t walk with my feet tied. I dared not hesitate for the embarrassment of not doing it. They, in unison with their deep voices, say 1…2…3…. bungeee.. and that was it – I was falling. I couldn’t breath properly because it was like having my head out a car window and suddenly, boing. I was going back up again. This went on a for a few seconds and then I dangled 200 metres below the bridge.

I waited for someone to come and hoist me back up. It was so ridiculously quiet and peaceful just hanging out there but at the same time pretty nerve-racking. Along comes a guy introducing himself as Michael, reminding me I shouldn’t grab him I gently place my hands on his feet, as it somehow feels safe.

mum bungee jump

I never thought I would do a bungee, like ever, so I am even more proud of myself that I did it now – when I am a mum. It somehow seems, well to me anyway, that these kind of things are out of the question when you become a parent when they don’t have to be.


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