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Taiwan with a baby

Out of all the countries I have taken Esmé to, I definitely spent the most amount of time trying to figure out Taiwan. Why? Well it seems to be a little more off the beaten [...]

Backpacking with a baby

If I want to talk about backpacking with a baby, it's probably worth starting with my definition of backpacking. As I am sure you will know, there are extreme examples, from the hikers and trampers in [...]

Mountain Buggy Pod – Feeding Chair

This brings a whole new meaning to 'eating at the table'! I first discovered the Mountain Buggy Pod feeding chair when I was in Bali. We asked for a high chair in a restaurant and out [...]

Mountain Buggy Nano review

We really needed a compact buggy! As much as I love wearing little lady around, we spend so much time travelling, we needed to mix it up! This write-up is a review of the Mountain [...]

Heavily pregnant in Ibiza

At the request of my two queens (you know who you are) I have been asked to tell you about my last holiday pre-baby. That time I decided to be heavily pregnant in Ibiza! In true traveller [...]

Tiri Island New Zealand

Nestled in the heart of the Hauraki Gulf, just a few kilometres off the coast of Auckland, the beautiful Tiri Island New Zealand has so much to offer. It's that place I had been meaning [...]

Confessions of a baby wearing mum

I have travelled around the world with Esmé quite literally strapped to me or 'baby wearing' as it is more commonly known. So I have obviously learned some things along the way...I hope they make you [...]

Financing a Baby Gap Year

I have had so many people ask how we could afford our baby gap year (travelling for my maternity leave), so here we go: A little background... I work as a nurse and Shaun is [...]

Tips for having clothes tailor-made in Vietnam

Seven weeks of sharing men's products, no make-up, crap hair, limited outfits and always having a baby attached to my front sweating, it felt amazing to get dressed up for a friends wedding. Not to [...]

Hong Kong with a baby

We visited Hong Kong with a baby at the end of an epic three-month trip through South-East Asia. Our daughter was eleven-months old at the time. It was so strange when we arrived because it [...]

Backpacking Baby!

This day next week we leave New Zealand to embark on a seven week backpacking trip through SE Asia with our ten-month old girl. We are going to have a backpacking baby! Needless to say, [...]

Koo-Di Pop-Up Travel Cot

When I decided to go backpacking with our baby and realised that many hotels charge extra for a cot, I decided to look for a portable one. I really did not think I would find [...]

Flying with a baby

So you've taken the leap and decided to take your baby on a trip. If you are reading this I guess you are wondering what you need to know about flying with a baby. Fear [...]

Camping with a baby

I would be telling a lie if I said I willingly went camping with a baby only 17 weeks old! It took a fair bit of convincing. Originating from Ireland, where the climate is generally [...]

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