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A guide to Siem Reap with a baby

As we were going to Thailand, I thought we may as well make a quick trip to Cambodia. They are next door neighbours and it is otherwise difficult to get to Cambodia directly from home. I specifically chose to [...]

A family weekend in Plymouth

Plymouth is a cute city on the coast of Devon, South of England. It is quite often called Britain's Ocean City which may give you some indication of what to expect. The multiple beautiful harbours dotted [...]

48 hours in Cape Town with a toddler

Cape Town was our last stop on our two-week tour of South Africa and I am so glad we spent some time there. We often avoid large cities as we prefer being out in the [...]

Mums can bungee jump too

I didn't want to commit before arriving at the bungee. I was going there with my friend and brother who were 100% doing it but I thought that if I commit before I get there [...]

Overnight safari with a toddler

When I first booked flights to South Africa, I had no idea it would be such a mission to find a lodge that would allow an overnight safari with a toddler. Just to give you a [...]

Ten baby travel items I can't live without

I am always being asked what are my 'must have' baby travel items. Of course, you have the usual; dummy, cuddly toy (that will cause World War 3 if lost) and a big bag [...]

Family travel health

Being a nurse, with a diabetic husband and egg allergic baby I take family travel health seriously. There is nothing worse than your trip being wasted on feeling unwell! Diarrhoea and vomiting is only one [...]

How to maintain a baby's routine whilst travelling

This is the golden question I get asked regularly: how can you maintain a baby's routine whilst travelling? Is it even possible?  I often think this can be the biggest fear for parents wanting to travel. [...]

Top ten things to do in Dublin as a family

I have had a strange relationship with my home city of Dublin since leaving thirteen years ago. On reflection, I think this was mainly related to the economic recession. It just seemed depressed for a long time. I have been home [...]

You can be whatever you want to be

This is by no means a 'feel sorry for me' post. But instead I want to inspire people who may be in a similar position. When I was younger, I did terribly at school. My [...]

Flying with a toddler

Who am I kidding by saying that flying with a toddler is a piece of cake? Not you - I am sure. Usually the aim of the game is how quiet you can keep the [...]

Top tips for flying with a toddler

Who am I kidding by saying that flying with a toddler is a piece of cake? Not you - I am sure. Usually the aim of the game is how quiet you can keep the [...]

Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle

A review of the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Now that we are back in the UK, we have been doing a little more local exploring, whether it's in Central London or in the forest in [...]

Taiwan with a baby

Out of all the countries I have taken Esmé to, I definitely spent the most amount of time trying to figure out Taiwan. Why? Well it seems to be a little more off the beaten [...]

Backpacking with a baby

If I want to talk about backpacking with a baby, it's probably worth starting with my definition of backpacking. As I am sure you will know, there are extreme examples, from the hikers and trampers in [...]

Mountain Buggy Pod – Feeding Chair

This brings a whole new meaning to 'eating at the table'! I first discovered the Mountain Buggy Pod feeding chair when I was in Bali. We asked for a high chair in a restaurant and out [...]

Mountain Buggy Nano review

We really needed a compact buggy! As much as I love wearing little lady around, we spend so much time travelling, we needed to mix it up! This write-up is a review of the Mountain [...]

Heavily pregnant in Ibiza

At the request of my two queens (you know who you are) I have been asked to tell you about my last holiday pre-baby. That time I decided to be heavily pregnant in Ibiza! In true traveller [...]