You can be whatever you want to be

You can be whatever you want to


This is by no means a ‘feel sorry for me’ post. But instead I want to inspire people who may be in a similar position. When I was younger, I did terribly at school. My grades were always low due to poor writing and with that, my interest diminished and I had no motivation whatsoever.  As my school years came to a close I was fully aware that I was probably not going to get into university. I had great aspirations of being a nurse but the idea of this happening seemed unrealistic. As I had expected, my final exams at school did not secure me a university place.

I was aware the UK had a slightly different approach to recruiting student nurses so I decided to give it a try. After being rejected from several universities, I finally got a place at London South Bank so I packed my bags and set off to the big smoke aged 19! It started off great but as the academic requirements increased, my inability to write were starting to cause an issue again. It wasn’t until my very last day of my third year when I was queueing up to do my final practical exam that I was pulled aside and asked to see the principal lecturer.

Lovely lady as she was, she had the worse possible news for me. I had been withdrawn from the course and was not going to be a nurse. I could not understand or process the information. At a time which should have been a celebration, my last day of university, I was sobbing my heart out. Three years of hard slog, 70 hour weeks of practical placements combined with a bar job to get me through financially. I was broken, all over a stupid essay! After all, nursing is practical, right?

I spent six months of my life pleading to do the damn essay again. The assignment was about the health needs of ‘chlamydia’. The word literally makes me shudder, even now. Eventually someone with half a brain picked up I had dyslexia and suddenly a lot started to make sense in life. The university let me come back to do the essay and boom, as soon as I had the right guidance, I passed. OK, the grade wasn’t great but I passed and became a nurse.

Suddenly I had a new-found interest in academia and I worked incredibly hard trying to prove to myself I could do anything. I spent a further eight years upgrading my qualification from diploma to degree and then a masters in education. Who could have ever known that I would stand in the very same university as a guest lecturer seven years later? It definitely shocked a few long-standing staff members at the university.

You’re probably asking – how does this fit into travelling and the blog? Well as you can imagine, I could never in my wildest dreams have imagined that I would one day be the creator and owner of a website. A place where hundreds, sometimes thousands of people come to daily for advice or read my articles for their pleasure. Not only that but I write about literally the topic that is my life – my family and travel! It was never a dream because it was never realistic.

So to all those people out there that think they can’t achieve their dreams: as my parents have always said to me…

” You can be whatever you want to be”



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Very inspirational! Good on you for succeeding eventually and for getting to where you are now, what an accomplishment! As a university lecturer and fellow ravel blogger I can completely understand your experiences! Happy travels! 🙂