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24 hours in San Marino

I can't bare to skirt around the outside of a country and not go into it. Even if it is as small as San Marino! Completely land locked by Italy, I never heard of it when I was younger. However, this tiny nation has been on my hit list for a while, since I have [...]

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Responsible Travel for Families

I am not sure if responsible travel is something that is becoming a hot topic over the last couple of years or if it's related to my influences. Nonetheless, it's something I am becoming ever conscious of on our adventures as a family. Being a regular traveller, I want to take it seriously, just like people [...]

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Our 2016 travels in review

We are all about inspiring normal people to travel.  We hope we can do so with our 2016 travels in review. This year has been hectic for us as a family, aside from travelling. I had just started back to work after a year of maternity leave, we both had full time jobs until May [...]

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Brisbane with a baby

When I first travelled to Australia back in 2008, I really favoured Brisbane as a city. Maybe that's because I had friends living there to show me all the best places to see. I loved the way of life in Brisbane. From commuters travelling to work on boats with the wind blowing in their hair [...]

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Christmas in London with kids

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with London having been here on and off for the last thirteen years. I detest the colder months and generally crave warmer climates. The days are short with it getting dark at around 4pm. However despite all of my qualms with London, there is something so [...]

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Florence with kids

Florence, the mesmerising city filled with history, culture and outstanding architecture dating back to medieval times. It was the birthplace of the Italian renaissance and was one of the most important cities in Europe from the 14th to 16th century. I actually for once, managed to learn a little bit of history despite being in [...]

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Christmas gift ideas for travel lovers

Christmas is fast approaching and sometimes we all need a little inspiration for something different and not too expensive for our loved ones. As you will have guessed, I am a travel fanatic. My friends no me too well and often get me some awesome gifts that are a little quirky and fun. I particularly [...]

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Backpacking around Italy with kids

We had been contemplating taking Esmé with us on our honeymoon for ages but we couldn't make our mind up. Travel Mad Dad was pretty keen for a child-free break whereas I had been working a lot in the run up to our wedding and hadn't seen her for ages, so that was the deciding [...]

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A weekend in Bruges with kids

Bruges is a quaint medieval city encapsulated with a full circle canal. Quite similar to Amsterdam in many ways, but with more charm and history in my opinion. On the large cobbled market square many horse and carts can be found racing punters around the sights. Not to mention the tall bell tower and colourful [...]

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