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Langkawi, Malaysia with a baby

Malaysia was our fifth stop on our baby gap year. As we like to see a good variety of every country, we incorporated Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi into our Malaysian adventure. We spent two days in KL and a week on Langkawi Island. I couldn't pass the Petrona Towers without seeing them! Being in Langkawi, [...]

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Toddler hand luggage essentials

People regularly ask what we bring on a journey for our two year-old Esmé. The main aim of the game is to keep her entertained for the entire flight / train or car journey and prevent any public melt downs! The second goal is to ensure she is as comfortable as possible. Being a [...]

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Hoi-an, Vietnam with a baby

We decided to visit  Hoi-an following a recommendation from my sister. We asked her to keep an eye out whilst she was there to see if it was suitable to visit Hoi-an, Vietnam with a baby. After her glowing feedback, we decided to incorporate a four day stop  on our trip. The fact we ended [...]

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An A to Z guide to travelling during pregnancy

When I found out I was pregnant with Esmé, we were on holiday thousands of miles from home. I wasn't particularly worried about the journey back, however, my concern was about future trips that were planned. I even considered cancelling my holidays until I had a conversation with my GP and did some research on [...]

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Bali with a baby

Bali is an island with lush jungles, rice terraces, tropical beaches, coral reef, bustling towns bursting with character and the most sincere people. Modes of transport are easy on the pocket making it all the more accessible to experience the variety of surroundings. We went to Bali with a baby, when our daughter Esmé was [...]

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Book a trip

I regularly get asked how we go about booking trips. As adventurers, we tend to book flights and hotels separately rather than as part of a package. Building a holiday for ourselves gives us more flexibility and I also feel it's more cost effective. I always use the same search engines for booking our trip. [...]

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Getting the perfect photo of kids

Getting the perfect photo of kids can be challenging to say the least. Are you one of those guilty parents with a phone full of shots? Constantly trying to get the perfect one with them looking at the camera? I always find it hilarious watching people trying to get pictures, the kids keep running off [...]

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A review of Grotto Bay Beach Resort, Bermuda

Honestly, Bermuda wasn't particularly on my list of 'places to go'. Being pregnant, Bermuda first came onto my radar when I was researching zika-free destinations. Luckily, it's one of the few places safe to travel for pregnant women. Obviously it is not great for the world to have a zika epidemic, however it is great [...]

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Babymoon in Bermuda

As I write this article, I am twenty-one weeks pregnant and have recently returned from our babymoon in Bermuda. I am a keen traveller and was fairly devastated so many destinations were out of the question due to zika. However, with every cloud there is a silver lining! I was researching zika-free destinations and came [...]

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