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An afternoon with Nosh at La Suite West

Recently I had the pleasure in being invited to an afternoon with Nosh at La Suite West in the classy Hyde Park area of London. Nosh is a well known company that have a passion for natural food and ingredients. They have an array of detox juices, smoothies and healthy living plans. More recently they [...]

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Fancy nursery V’s adventure of a lifetime

Five days postpartum and I am looking at our lonely moses basket in the corner of the room, our new little guys clothes squashed into our wardrobes and his nappies scattered all over the place. Ordinarily I am a super organised person, not to mention the touch of OCD I possess. Everything has a place, [...]

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Family holiday accommodation with Muchosol

So you've decided you want to go on a holiday. However you may be feeling overwhelmed by the choice of websites on Google. The question is, which one do you choose? It's hard make a decision between so many portals who offer holiday homes. Equally, it depends on what you think is more important for [...]

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Five reasons to have a pregnancy photo shoot

After moaning throughout my entire pregnancy, which I promised I wouldn't, I suddenly became sentimental. I realised this is most likely the last time I will be pregnant, I really don't see us having any more than two kids. I was sitting on my bed getting kicked by little man and I thought, this is [...]

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Bermuda with kids

We went to Bermuda earlier this year with our toddler in tow. We originally chose it as a destination due to its zika-free status as I was also pregnant. At only 21 squared miles, I thought eight days may be too long in Bermuda with kids. However, it turned out to be the perfect amount of [...]

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An epic trip to Florida

If you follow my Instagram account Travel Mad Dad, you will know I ventured to Florida with some other bloggers recently. The aim of the game was to try out the Norwegian Premium service on the London to Orlando route and discover all the great spots in Kissimmee and Clearwater St Pete's. To say it was an epic [...]

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Travel essentials for families this summer

With summer fast approaching, we are all dreaming of our family holiday adventures. Whether it's a trip to the Mediterranean or further afield, as parents we want to make travelling with kids as easy and straight forward as possible. I am always coming across new products for kids, so I've compiled a list of travel [...]

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Alternative Florida with kids

Florida has been a 'go-to' destination for many families over the years. The predominant attraction has of course been Disney and theme parks. Built-up tourist hubs and the thoughts of going to Disney with kids doesn't interest me so much. Of course, if the kids wanted to go then we would give it a shot. [...]

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Packing like a pro

After our story hit the media about travelling the world with our baby and only one backpack, I regularly get asked how I manage to pack so light. Pre-baby, my husband and I use to have one 80L backpack EACH!! Now, looking back, I have no idea what I had in that bag! I initially [...]

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